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The weekly awards are a way to acknowledge some of the highlights and low lights from the past weekend of football. Every year, the awards remain the same but the names change – and this year is no different. 🙂 So first let’s introduce the award names for this season:

The Rhonda Rousey Award: For the team that has the most dominant performance of the week.

The Jurassic World Award: For the team the scores the most overall points of the week

The Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Award: For the team that scores the highest losing score of the week

The Ant-Man Award: For the team that scores the fewest amount of points but wins

We’ll recap weeks 1 & 2 this time around, but moving forward will recap the weeks as they happen.

Week 1:

The Jurassic World Award: The Nashville Ninjas / Key to Victory: After everyone laughed it out of the draft room for picking Cam Newton early, Jonas picked up Carson Palmer and he has been a great starting QB for him…even though he was supposed to be the backup.

The Rhonda Rousey Award: TheMistocles / Key to Victory: A pissed off Tom Brady – that’s the only key you need.

The Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Award: Bring It / Key to Loss: Dougie was not so fresh in week 1, Doug Martin only brought in 5 points to the cause in week 1. He and Greg Olsen were determined to not give the victory to PRR.

The Ant-Man Award: Clark Kent / Key to Victory: J-E-T-S came back in a big way during week 1. They say defense wins championships….it could net Mike at least a conference championship if the Jets keep playing like they did in week 1.

Week 2:

Jurassic World Award: The Nashville Ninjas / Key to Victory: Antonio Brown is one of the few top picks so far this season that’s actually living up to his billing. And that bill led to a win over Mike before his wedding…a cruel wedding gift if ever there was one.

Rhoda Rousey Award: Macheteros / Key to Victory: It’s not very often that a Jaguars player is the key to victory for any squad – but that was the case this week with Allen Robinson chiming in for over 40 points. He’ll probably never be that good again in his career.

Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Award: Clark Kent / Key to Loss: Who knew that the West Coast waters are what gave Frank Gore his strength. Perhaps it wasn’t Trent Richardson’s fault that he sucked in Indy – maybe there’s something up with Indy? (Note: Nope, Trent Richardson just sucks as an NFL RB)

The Ant-Man Award: The ATLiens Rise / Key to Victory: Phil not knowing that Mike Evans was still out last week. He lost by 8 points…which 3 players on Phil’s bench had and could have had the win easily. But he who prepares…wins…unless they are facing the Ninjas.