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Coach: @JLApplegate

Q1) How does it feel to get that first win of the season under your belt? Were you nervous coming out of week 1?

It was nice to get that first win out of the way.  I’ll admit that I was a little nervous after week one.  If this team falls apart, it’s going to be a rough season. 

Q2) So you decided to ride the Vick train for week 2 and it paid off. How long do you think he will last this season?

I’ll keep playing him as long as he’s healthy, but I’m honestly not expecting him to make it to Luck’s bye week (week 8).  If he does that, I’ll be thrilled. 

Q3) With Trent Richardson traded to the Colts, what do you expect from him the rest of the season?

Room to run!  The biggest thing about him going to the Colts is that teams aren’t going to be able to load the box just to stop him or my other QB will start having big games.  Hopefully he and Luck will be able to bond quickly for lots of check-down passes. 

Q4) It’s Florida vs. Tennessee this Saturday – who you got?

Go Vols!

Q5) This week you play against the master of smack talk – The ATLiens. Do you have any words for the former champ?

Hello old friend. 

WDE Rumble 13: Week 2 Power Rankings

Who has moved up and who has moved down? Find out in this week’s WDE Rumble Power Rankings!

We now stand on the precipice of the week that will decide fantasy team fortunes. You see, week 1 is typically a crapshoot in terms of overall performance. Some teams that you thought would be completely dominate come out flat and the teams that you think are going to suck, come out and pull off the upset. But in week 2 – that’s when things get interesting because fantasy coaches have seen actual NFL games and can start making informed decisions on who to play and who to drop. Week 2 is the REAL start of the fantasy football season – are you ready?

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Game of the Week: ATLiens Rises vs. Macheteros: Now this is an unexpected match up – not because this match up wasn’t scheduled, but because of how both teams performed in week 1. ATLiens is coming into this game with a great win over their hated engaged rival team, the Outlaws. He was able to crush the Outlaws on the back of Matt Ryan and his 5 touchdowns in week 1 (Ryan felt so good that he had to throw dirt on the wound by running one in). On top of that, defense also led the way for ATLiens as he rode the Houston defense over the hapless Miami….can we really call it an offense? Hmm…over the hapless Miami JV squad to the tune of 42 points. Macheteros was more distributed in his overall teams performance with Julio Jones, Ahmad Bradshaw Tony Gonzalez and Anquan Boldin outperforming their estimated totals. But there’s one thing you might have noticed about Chris’ team – he’s got 2 of the main playmakers for the Atlanta Falcons. So this match up is going to be a very interesting one to watch on Monday night as the Falcons take on Broncos: Will Matt Ryan be lights out yet again? Will Reid cringe every time a pass is thrown to Julio and Gonzalez knowing that he’s actually hurting himself by each of those passes? Oh to have a camera in his apartment that night. But in the end we have to pick a winner – right? As of this writing, Yahoo has ATLiens as an 8 point favorite. I actually think this game will be alot closer than that – these teams are to tied together for this game not to come down to the wire, but in the end I think that ATLiens pulls it out (primarily because they have Arian Foster who will steamroll over the Jags on Sunday).

WDESPN Prediction: ATLiens Rises


Bring It! vs. Orange Nation: There’s a saying that really applies to Joel’s team last week “That’s why we play the game”. Orange Nation was not supposed to come out of week 1 with a victory, he was not supposed to get the best of the Ninjas, he was not supposed to be ranked #2 in the Smackdown division. Well – Joel defied the odds, even if by the slimmest of margins and now finds himself (along with his brother) at the top of the division. Now the question becomes….can he stay there? Because in week 2, he faces off against the man with the best draft according to Yahoo – Bring It! and Coach Phillip Rowan. Coach Rowan would have you believe that ATLiens is actually the team to watch out for because Reid outscored Phillip by 1 point in week 1….umm, no. All eyes are still on Bring It! and his calvalcade of fantasy football stars. While he got his revenge on the reigning WDE Rumble champs in week 1, he can’t let his guard down for a second. Even if Orange Nation is bringing together a cast of football players that look more like they belong in Expendables 3 than on a football field (Jeremy Kerley….really?) he’s prove that he has what it takes to take down the big boys of the league. On the flip side, you have the pretty boy of the Rumble led by the pretty boy of the NFL – Tom Brady. Will this match up be another stepping stone towards Bring It’s destiny of winning the fantasy championship this year or will he stumble and allow Orange Nation to go 2-0 for the first time in Rumble history? This one really shouldn’t be close but hey “That’s why we play the game” right? Bring It is a 35 point favorite over Orange Nation…and with the receiver issues that Orange Nation is having, it might not even be that close. If Orange Nation breaks 150, I would be surprised. Give us Bring It! in a slaughter.

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!


Jor-El vs Footballas: It’s the two teams that couldn’t afford to go 01, standing at 0-1. For Jor-El, after talking so much trash during the pre-season and resting on his laurels during the draft, Mike could not afford to get crushed in such convincing fashion. His whole plan of attack for this season was to repeat exactly what he did last year and ride that to the fantasy promise land again. The problem with that idea though is that the other coaches did change and evolve their strategy for this season because they know that’s the only real way to become a champion in this league (take it from a 3 time champion like myself). It also doesn’t help when you don’t have Calvin Johnson and Tom Brady, like Mike did last year. But at least everyone could see Jor-El’s loss coming….The Footballas on the other hand. Wow, what happened? The entire league was wondering when Maddog would get his first taste of victory – NO ONE  (and now that we have a League Pick’em we can actually/factually say this) expected Maddog to come away with the victory in week 1. But come away with a victory he did and Todd just came away with shame…such shame. But we’re onto week 2, to find out which team will actually show up to win. On Mike’s part – he’s hoping that Week 2 is the week that all 3 of his RBs (Ridley, CJ and MJD) go off and help him secure the victory. On the other side of the ball, Todd is hoping that his WRs (White, Nelson and Lloyd) turn it on and come to dominate this week. So RBs vs. WRs, the classic fantasy football battle – should be an interesting one from that standpoint. So who do we see winning this game – Yahoo has Todd as a 7 point favorite, which if last week is any evidence means nothing to Todd. He’s like a reverse Tinker Bell – the more you believe in him, the more he sucks. BUT, we here at WDESPN are eternal optimists, so we will give the nod to the Footballas because the sad truth is, if they had played last week – the Footballas would be at 1-0. Hopefully Todd is able to mail that bag over his head to the future 0-2 Jor-El head coach.

WDESPN Prediction: The Footballas