Week 9:

The Cleveland Award (Most Points for the week): Nashville Ninjas – So just how unstoppable is this team? They just put in Brian Hoyer and he scores 31 points…you know, 3rd in points on the team for the week.

The Germany Award (Largest Margin of Victory): The Outlaws – So how do you counterbalance an awful game by Cam Newton on national TV? Just somehow convince Phillip Rivers to do even worse.

The Kim Kardashian Award (Most points but lost): Texasseans – To find the reason for this loss, you have to actually look at the other team and their beastly production from Brady, Lynch and….Asiata: the ultimate short yardage vulture.

San Antonio Spurs Award (Fewest points but won): Orange Nation – I honestly don’t think we could have found a more luckier team this week than Joel. Somehow with his kicker doing absolutely nothing and Eli looking like Peyton for a bit, he finds a way to win by 1 point. Amazing.

Week 10:

The Cleveland Award (Most Points for the week): The Outlaws – So how do you beat the luck of Joel? Just have your QB score at least 90 points in one half. That seems to do the trick.

The Germany Award (Largest Margin of Victory): TheMistocles – So the reason for this win goes to one person: Austin Davis and his complete 4th quarter collapse. Must have taken alot of magic to swing the game like that so quickly.

The Kim Kardashian Award (Most points but lost): ATLiens Rebuilding – So it looks like the blame for this can go squarely on the shoulders of Reid’s keeper: Terrance Williams and his 0 points. Guess he spent a little bit TO much time out partying the night before.

San Antonio Spurs Award (Fewest points but won): Fear The Neckbeard – Despite the Dalton affect, FTB was able to cash in on the beatdown that was happening on SNF to get the win. He was able to get points from both the defense and the 2TD receiver known as Jordy Nelson.

WDE Rumble 14: Week 10 Storylines (Sponsored by Interstellar)

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We are now only 3 weeks away from the end of the regular season and the start of the fantasy playoffs. As we head towards the end – certain things are starting to crystallize:

  1. Joel is the luckiest man in the league at the moment
  2. Jonas could have Geno Atkins at QB and his team would still score at least 230 every week
  3. Phil is a bad dad for refusing to allow his son to watch women’s soccer

But with two teams already locking up playoff spots, this week’s games will go a long way towards determining who gets one step closer to the 3rd season of fantasy football and who’s gearing up for the off season already. So let’s start with the rematch!

The Outlaws vs. Orange Nation: The commish can point to the exact week when it all started to go downhill: Week 6. When the Outlaws scored over 200 points for the first time this season, they were feeling pretty good about themselves. But then Thursday night football happened and all that changed. On Thursday night football, Andrew Luck and Arian Foster combined for over 86 points to start the game off…..86 points! That’s a pretty steep hill to climb. But climb the Outlaws did until the very end until Danny Trevathan and the RB corps of the Outlaws forgot to rise to the occasion as well. Danny gave the Outlaws 0 points while his RB corps gave him 12 combined points. What was the combined points of Joel’s RBs? 67 points. And from that moment, the Outlaws just kept finding ways to lose over the following weeks until their game against Bring It! last week. For Orange Nation, they have definitely been leading a charmed life – winning games by the closest margin of the victory in the league this season and their only loss coming against the seemingly unstoppable Nashville Ninjas. So one team is looking for vengeance while the other is looking for continued luck. But this week, Joel will be without 3 of his core players: Luck, Johnson and Foster. If EVER there was a week where this team was weak – this is it. So with all that – who’s the player to watch on Orange Nation? That would be Kelvin Benjamin who’s going up against the not so vaunted Eagles defense on Monday Night Football. Kelvin had one of his worst games of the season last week on Thursday night – so will he be able to bounce back when placed on the national stage once again and in a high profile fantasy match up? For the Outlaws, the player to watch will be Jeremy Maclin. You want to talk about a player who has put the team on his back, you have to talk about Jeremy. Over the last 2 weeks, the man has been one of the hottest players not named Gronk, Brady or Big Ben with 54 points in week 8 and 45 points in week 9. He will also be there on Monday night – hopefully showing Kelvin how it’s done (even with Sanchez). It will also be interesting to see how the RBs do this time around: before the bye, the Packers finally realized that Eddie Lacy can catch the ball as well and Denard has been one of the best recent RB waiver wire acquisitions. On the other hand, you have DeMarco who has been a one man wrecking crew potentially having Brandon Weeden play QB again which could limit his upside a bit. And you’ve got a member of the Rams Trio going up against a decent Arizona run defense. So with all that being said – who actually wins this match up? Yahoo is giving the Outlaws the slight edge in this match up, but when it comes to someone that has been as lucky as Joel has – the predictions kind of go out the window. I don’t know who – but Orange Nation completes the sweep of the Outlaws setting up their inevitable encounter in the fantasy playoffs.

WDESPN Prediction: Orange Nation

Pain and Suffering vs. Clark Kent: It’s time for Superman to rise once again! Last week, Mike’s crew took down Bad Parent Phil in convincing fashion. They did this primarily on the backs of Marshawn Lynch, Matt Asiata and Tom Brady. While not as convincing a victory, Matt also came away with a win in week 9, thanks in part to the play of Jeremy Hill and the Miami defense. But the question for both of these teams is can that momentum carry them to yet another victory? The player to watch on Pain and Suffering is Calvin Johnson. This is the first time in 3 weeks that Matt has been able to use him and can be fairly confident that he will actually play and not be a decoy this time. Can Megatron be his old former self and but the kibosh on the Decepticons known as Clark Kent. When these two faced off against each other in week 6, Mike was able to ride on the back of Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco defense with their combined 80+ points. Unfortunately for Mike, that was Colin’s best game of the season so far and he’s facing the New Orleans defense at home – where they are actually good. So the player to watch for Pain and Suffering is Jeremy Hill. He will get another shot at being the featured back on Thursday night football against the Browns. Will he be able to lift his team to victory once again or will he suffer the curse of Thursday Night football? For Clark Kent, the player to watch will be Emmanuel Sanders. That week saw Sander’s lowest point total for the week – before that and since then, he hasn’t scored below 10 points in a game. So who wins this game? Despite Yahoo currently predicting a 40 point victory (because Mike is missing 2 IDP spots) I think this one might be alot closer then that. But the momentum seems to be more on the side P&S rather than Big Blue. One interesting fact, when these two teams meet in week 6 – with that victory, he rose to 11th place. Clark Kent currently sits at 10th right now….so with that pace, by next year he’ll be ranked for the playoffs.

WDESPN Prediction: Pain and Suffering

Texasseans vs. The Footballas: Both of these teams are coming into this game having lost in week 9. And you can tell that they are willing to pull out all the stops in order to make the playoffs: Todd is starting a rookie Jags WR and an Oakland TE, while Phil is trotting out Welker who’s being phased out of the Denver offense and a rookie Bucs WR. Things truly are desperate if you’re depending on the likes of these. But I digress. Even though they are 3 games away from .500, the Texasseans are just one spot away from being in the playoff picture. On the other side of the field, the Footballas want to stay ahead of the count and remain squarely in the mix at their 4 spot. So for the Footballas, the player to watch will be Mark Ingram – over the past few weeks, he has played like a man possesed (or in a contract year), scoring at least 30 points since his game against the Green Bay Packers. Can he do that again against a 49ers defense that is getting healthier as the season progresses? Todd is also heading his bets by having the current PPR star for the Saints (Travaris Cadet) in his lineup as well – so Todd is all in on the Saints running game, so he better hope it doesn’t turn into a shootout. For the Texasseans, the player to watch will be Lamar Miller. With Knowshon out for the season, this is the time for Lamar to shine and show that he is a RB1 in this league. Unfortunately, while he has been consistent he hasn’t be spectacular – only scoring over 20 points 3 times this season against suspect run defenses. In order to come away with the W in this one, Phil is going to need Peyton and all other hands on deck. Yahoo is the Texasseans a slight edge over the Footballs, but this one might come down to Monday night – so that both parents can properly ignore their children again. When these two teams met in week 6, the Footballas came away with the victory on the back of DeSean Jackson and the Philadelphia defense – only one of those options is available this week and Todd is not playing them. No faith! We believe that Phil pulls this one out and brings the season series to a 1-1 tie.

WDESPN Prediction: The Texasseans

So at this point, I believe there’s a clear delineation between the two divisions of the Rumble this year. Smackdown is the SEC West – full of tough teams that are just beating each other in order to reach the playoffs If the season ended today, every team in the Smackdown division would be in the playoffs except for 1 team. On the other hand, the RAW division is the SEC East – where EVERY team is just one win away from breaking away or falling back into the pack. If the season ended today, only 3 of the teams would be in the playoffs – and 2 would be pulling up the rear. If ever there was a reason to believe that this is one of the craziest fantasy football season in Rumble history – that’s it. So the next two weeks are going to be very interesting – with 6 teams on a bye each week, we’ll see the depth that each of the teams have built up over the last few weeks. But we start the week off with a rivalry that’s not as old as time – but is pretty close.

The Outlaws vs. Bring It! [Rivalry]: So it’s been a pretty rough stretch for the Outlaws over the last 3 weeks. They’ve scored over 200 points twice in that span and lost both times. They also lost to a team that’s scared of Neckbeard – which is just sad. Oh and they had one player score over 100 points BY HIMSELF! So what could possibly go wrong this week? Oh – you know, just playing without his QB1 and his semi RB1…no big deal. While the Commish is coming out of another frustrating match up, PRR is coming out of one in which he thoroughly enjoyed the outcome. As most people know – there is no love lost between PRR and Reid, which makes that victory all the more sweet for whomever comes away with the W. In this case, thanks to the hard work of the Buffalo defense and Keenan Allen finally coming back to life – Bring It was able to halt the rebuilding ATLiens. But we’re here to talk about week 9 – which would normally feature the number 1 and number 3 defenses in the league facing off against each other, but the Bills and the Lions are on bye this week. Again, it’s going to be a rough week for the Rumble coaches. So who are the players to watch in this game? For Bring It!, it will be the play of Brandin Cooks – the rookie has been one of Drew Brees favorite targets this year and coming out of last week in which he scored 37 points you know that PRR will be looking for a repeat performance. Unfortunately for him, that’s been pretty hard to come by for Cooks – every time he has a double digit game, he follows it up with a single digit game. So that’s going to be very interesting to see if that trend continues. For the Outlaws, the player to watch will be Denard Robinson. 2 weeks ago there was a rush to the waiver wire for such studs as Bryce Brown, Anthony Dixon and Tre Mason. The Commish picked up Robinson for free and he’s been a star on the bench – but can he produce when pressed into action this week? Shoelace Robinson has over 100 yards in each of the last 2 games, but if there’s one trend that’s been going on for the past 3 weeks – Marques’ players know how to choke under pressure. Both teams are 4-4 and fighting to stay in the playoff hunt – so this one will more than likely come down to Monday Night. So with that being said, Yahoo predicts that PRR will win by 8 points….it might just be that close, but we do believe that Bring It! will come away with victory and the great slide of 2014 continues.

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!

The Footballas vs. Pain and Suffering: When the season started off, there were two teams that looked like they were going to be bottom of the barrel teams this season – ATLiens and The Footballas. Both teams had sold out last year in order to win the championship. It worked out for ATLiens but not so much for The Footballas. Todd was ready to sell his team off for parts in week 2 – but then something happened. The Footballas went on a 4 game winning streak, besting some of the best teams that the league has to offer until he ran into the buzzsaw known as the Ninjas. As most teams do – he got curb stomped. But his team picked itself up again, dusted itself off and came away with yet another W against TheMistocles. So this has probably been one of the quest 5-3 teams we’ve seen in a long time – but I guess that’s the price of being overshadowed by the big dogs of Orange Nation and the Nashville Ninjas. On the flip side, you have Pain and Suffering who couldn’t do anything to get out of their own way. For 3 weeks straight, they somehow found a way to pull defeat from the jaws of victory – but then something amazing happened, they won a game in convincing fashion and are the very definition of fighting to get in a playoff spot at the 8th spot. So both of these teams are on the upswing – who’ll come away with the victory? For The Footballas, the player to watch will be Mark Ingram. Last week, when he had the entire backfield to himself he played like a man on a mission and just dominated the defensive line of Green Bay to the tune of 32 points. It seems like being in the final year of his contract has somehow motivated him to get his act together and play like the Heisman winner that he is. But will that trend continue on the rollercoaster ride that is Thursday night football? For Matt/Pain and Suffering – the player to watch will be Doug Baldwin…primarily because The Footballas has Russell Wilson as their QB. So every time Baldwin scores, it will actually be hurting P&S at the same time – it’s amazing how many times in a season Matt inflicts his namesake on himself. Despite the current Yahoo prediction (which is inaccurate because Matt has not filled out two spots), this one might actually be closer than we think. This has the making of an upset just because the Footballas are hot right now and P&S knows that it needs to make a move in order to stay in the playoff hunt. So – I think that P&S actually pulls off the upset and continues the disruption of Todd’s perfect season so far.

WDESPN Prediction: Pain and Suffering

Texasseans vs. Clark Kent [Rivalry]: Blah blah blah….the players to watch in this game are the only two that matter: Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning – in real life AND in fantasy! I don’t think we could have timed this game any better in the schedule. So on one side you have the TN boy (Phil/Peyton) vs. the Massachusett Punk (Mike/Tom) in a game that neither team can afford to lose. Last week, Clark Kent score well over 200 points and loss while the Texasseans got trounced by the team that would be king, Nashville Ninjas. Both teams are looking for redemption and a victory, but which will find it? Honestly – I do believe that Peyton and Phil find a way to take down Superman. Not because of Peyton alone, but because the Texasseans just seem to have a better team around them – and you can’t expect Tom Brady to score 70+ points again…that would be ridiculous. You also can’t expect Larry Fitzgerald to score over 30 points again either….that would just be insane.

WDESPN Prediction: Texasseans

Because I liked the format so much last week, I think I’m going to continue with the quick hit version of the awards. Save time and money – just like Geico!

The Cleveland Award (Most Points for the week): Nashville Ninjas – Here’s the scary part, this team could have scored over 300 points! But he took the breaks off…thankfully.

The Germany Award (Largest Margin of Victory): Nashville Ninjas – Who says that Phil doesn’t bring out the best in Jonas? Well, he only brings out the second best since this is the second largest margin of victory for Jonas this year. Way to let him down there, Phil!

The Kim Kardashian Award (Most points but lost): Clark Kent – doesn’t get much worse than putting up 242 points and losing. At this point it really does feel like Joel is hustling the league.

San Antonio Spurs Award (Fewest points but won): The Footballas – In a week where every winning team had to score over 200 points, somehow Todd found the one team that he could actually beat: a rookie.

Obviously a little backed up with the awards, so here’s a quick rundown  of the past few weeks of award winners:

Week 5 Awards:

The Cleveland Award (Most Points for the week): Nashville Ninjas – Got no help from Stafford, but had big performances by Green Bay and Ellington.

The Germany Award (Largest Margin of Victory): The Outlaws – Had one of those rare Eddie Lacy RB1 performances which helped with the win

The Kim Kardashian Award (Most points but lost): Macheteros – Had the win for a second, but a stat correction stole the victory.

San Antonio Spurs Award (Fewest points but won): Fear The Neckbeard – Got a good performance out of the San Diego defense, which is pretty standard for a team facing the Jets.

Week 6 Awards:

The Cleveland Award (Most Points for the week): Orange Nation – Came to play with 4 players scoring over 30 points. Joel’s “Luck” just keeps going.

The Germany Award (Largest Margin of Victory): Clark Kent – This one was a victory that was given to Mike with Matt dropping Cam Newton and his 60 points a week before.

The Kim Kardashian Award (Most points but lost): The Outlaws – Had one of those very common Eddie Lacy RB2 performances. Along with a side of Doug Martin RB4 performance.

San Antonio Spurs Award (Fewest points but won): Nashville Ninjas -Third down for Watt came to play this week – being the only player to score over 30 points, but leading his team to victory nonetheless.

Week 7 Awards:

The Cleveland Award (Most Points for the week): Texasseans – One name says it all: Peyton Manning

The Germany Award (Largest Margin of Victory): Texasseans – Second name, same as the first: Peyton Manning. This is also due to Steve Smith coming back to earth

The Kim Kardashian Award (Most points but lost):  The Outlaws – Of course Peyton throws a TD to all his receivers EXCEPT Julius Thomas. Of course. And of course Hillman runs in for 2 TDs. Of course.

San Antonio Spurs Award (Fewest points but won): TheMistocles – This win as thanks to Paul Posluszny, his final gift before heading into the sunset that is injured reserve.

WDE Rumble 14: Week 8 Storylines (Sponsored by Big Hero 6)

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We are only a few weeks away from the start of the fantasy playoffs and while it looks like a two person race between Orange Nation and Nashville Ninjas as to which team will be in the championship match, no one is going down without a fight this year (despite the effort of ATLiens, Bring It! and FTB to sell parts of their team in preparation of next year). As we head into the back half of the regular season, the waiver wire is becoming even more of a priority as week 7 feature 4 potential new RBs for the taking – which of the 4 will actually be a contributor for the rest of the season? We’ll find out in the coming weeks – but what we will find out this week is: can anyone stop the momentum that Orange Nation and the Ninjas have?

ATLiens Rebuilding vs. Bring It! [Rivalry]: Even though both teams are towards the bottom of the rankings, this match up has to much at stake to not be the featured game of the week. When the season started, both Reid and PRR were pretty much in a mindset to gear up with draft picks for next year because they thought their team would be horrible. But then a funny thing happened – they both won games (3 to be exact) and they’re team wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be. But one of the great things about fantasy football is that sometimes, is that on any given Sunday a team can just go off in the most unexpected way. Unfortunately for both teams, their team didn’t pop in week 7 and both are coming into this rematch game with a loss. There is definitely no love lost between these two coaches of the gridiron so it will be interesting to see if there’s any trash talking on the board this week. We just ask that it be kept clean – and we’re looking directly at you, Reid. While both teams are probably just looking for the quickest exit to the 2015 fantasy draft, a win here for either would still feel good – in terms of personal pride and getting their team back to .500. For Reid, the player to watch will be Tre Mason – the rookie running back for St Louis. He had his big coming out party last week against the vaunted Seattle and apparently that warranted putting up big bucks for him according to Reid. If he works out, then it’s money well spent and he has a potential keeper or trading piece for the future. On the other side of the equation, we have the other rookie sensation in Branden Oliver who has been money since becoming the starting RB in San Diego. He gets to go up against a decent Denver run defense on Thursday night. Thursday night games can either result in a great breakout performance or an epic collapse – there doesn’t seem to be alot of in between performances when it comes to Thursday night. Yahoo is giving a slight edge to Bring It! to pull this match up out and alot will be determined on Thursday night (PRR has 3 players going on Thursday). For Reid, we look at his team and can determine his team’s fate based on where his QB is playing: So Matt Ryan is playing in London (as the home team, but not at home) against the suddenly stout Detroit defense. Hmm….Accept for one game against the not so great Giants defense, Matt has not scored above 20 points when playing away from home. So since Matt is away from home and the Detroit defense is actually a good defense, we believe that Bring It! will come away with the W in this match up. Should be a fun one to watch though.

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!

Nashville Ninjas vs. Texasseans [Rivalry]: So the Ninjas have been pretty much unstoppable this year. Even with their B team in last week, they were still able to score over 200 points and deal handily with their opponent. There is alot of history in this rivalry – these two have been friends since high school in Morristown – they’ve grown up together, but it looks like Jonas didn’t share with Phil his drafting acumen when they were young. But Phil is coming off a win against his name rivalry and that will have to be enough to sustain him for another week. So is there a chance that the Texasseans could actually pull off this amazing upset victory? Yes – but Peyton Manning would have to play pretty much a lights out game against the Chargers. Unfortunately, last year on Thursday night football when this game took place – the Chargers played keep away with the ball and totally limited Peyton to the sideline for the majority of that game. As amazing as Peyton is, he can’t throw TDs on the sideline. So Super Peyton is going to have to come through in order for Phil to even have a shot of competing in this rivalry. For the Ninjas, their player to watch will be Andre Ellington. Last week he had two TDs vultured at the goal line – apparently they were a gift from Andre to Stepfan for his work during practice. I’m thinking Jonas believes that he should give him a watch or something and leave the TDs to players on his squad. Ellington is going up against the Philly defense which has been decent to below average this year, which is a great recipe for a RB that is capable of receiving and doing massive YAC damage. Yahoo has Jonas as a 19 point favorite to win this game – but I don’t think it’s going to be that close at all. Again, Phil needs to enjoy his win from last week because Jonas and his crew are about to put the hurt on the poor lil non-winning record Owen brother.

WDESPN Prediction: Nashville Ninjas

Orange Nation vs. Clark Kent: And now we turn our attention to the Owen brother that actually knows how to win games – Joel! If ever there was a team that happened to fall into being good, it would have to be this Orange Nation crew. On the back of DeMarco Murray and Arian Foster, Joel has just been rolling up victory after victory with no end in sight. We’re not going to spend to much time on this since it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win. The person to watch on Clark Kent is Mike – as he cries and wishes he had a team as good as what Joel has. For Joel, the player to watch will be the Denver defense. Last year, they couldn’t get off the field as the Chargers kept eating up time of possession and limiting Peyton Manning. This is actually NOT a good idea because the more the defense is on the field, the more likely they are to allow big plays via the ground or air. But really – Yahoo is giving Orange Nation a 9 point victory. If the margin isn’t larger than that, I’m going to be very disappointed in Joel. Very disappointed.

WDESPN Prediction: Orange Nation

WDE Rumble 14: Week 7 Storylines (Sponsored by Snickers)

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While last week wasn’t really crazy in terms of upsets. some surprises did happen: The Outlaws came within a breath of toppling the hot Orange Nation crew, The Footballas schooled the Texasseans on their way to a 4 game winning streak and Pain and Suffering found another new way to lose this week (Cam’s 61.90 would have EASILY given Matt the victory – instead he had his best game of the season on the Outlaws bench). So now we are on the back side of the fantasy football season – with only 6 weeks to go before the playoffs begins, this is a dangerous time. Which teams will continue to rise to the occasion and place themselves in a better position to make some noise in the 3rd season and which teams will slowly fade into the sunset as the competition ramps up? That’s the eternal question for our game of the week….

The Footballas vs. Nashville Ninjas [Rivalry]: What happens when two teams that just find a way to win collide? We’ll find out in this game. Let’s start with the Footballas – ever since defeating the Outlaws in week 3, this team has quietly been building an impressive winning record. Even though they had no top draft picks, somehow Todd has got his team believing in itself and it’s ability to compete in the league this year. I’m sure this squad is under no pretense that they are an elite squad – but sometimes you don’t need to be elite in order to topple Goliath. And the Goliath this year is the Ninjas squad – the number 2 team in terms of points scored. Armed with all their draft picks from last year – including some from The Footballas – Jonas has created a team that at least on the surface looks pretty much unstoppable. But with that one loss in their record, they have been stopped. Could this be the second to take down the high flying Ninjas squad? For the Footballas, the player to watch is Reuban Randle – last week Victor Cruz suffered a heartbreaking season ending injury and Randle is the next man up. Will the old Eli from a few weeks show up and throw some of Cruz’s production towards Randle, or will he be shut down since he’s now the number 1 target in NY? Another interesting player to watch will be Kniles Davis – Todd is hoping that the backup to Jamaal Charles gets a little bit of the scrap and has a good enough game as to not embarass himself. For the Ninjas, the player to watch will be Matthew Stafford – this will be game 2 without Megatron at his disposal. With Calvin Johnson as his safety valve, Stafford dropped from have 20 and 40 point games to barely cracking 15 points. If he continues to get that level of production out of his QB, this might a game in which the sleeping giant stays asleep and gets beat. So with all that being said – Yahoo has the Ninjas as a 33 point favorite to win this game. Somehow I don’t think it will be that close. While Todd may want Jonas to be gentle – he will be anything but that.

WDESPN Prediction: Nashville Ninjas

Bring It vs. Texasseans [Rivalry]: The battle of the Phil(lips!) This is a battle of two teams that are very much in and out of the playoff race at the same time. Bring It! is sitting at an average 3-3 record and wondering if his team has what it takes to make some noise or if he should pull the Kyle/Reid/Jonas move and cash out for a bigger pay day in 2015. For the 2-4 Texasseans, they are sitting on the outskirt of the playoffs just trying to figure out if they should move away from Tennessee and then back again. It’s work so well for Joel – why shouldn’t he copy it? The player to watch in this game is Lamar Miller – with Knowshon going down last week (and who had Knowshon? Oh that would be Bring It!) it leaves the RB position in Miami all open for Lamar…the main question is will he take advantage and actually do something with it? On the PRR side, all eyes with be on Branden Oliver who has had 2 fantastic weeks of output for the Chargers – the only question will be can he keep this up against a semi-decent Chiefs run defense. But he’s looked so terrific over the last few weeks that he has to be in the lineup – but will the ball come crashing down on this Cinderella story soon? Yahoo is favoring the Texasseans by 25 points – or what I like to call the Peyton factor. But something tells me that Phillip and Phillip (Rivers) will have a little surprise on Sunday and come away with the upset victory….continuing Phil’s reverse Orange Nation season.

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!

The Outlaws vs. Fear the Neckbeard: That was a heartbreaker last week – the Outlaws have their best game of the season so far and of course it comes against Orange Nation having one of his typical best games of the season. Some of us don’t have it so easily, Joel! But that was last week and fantasy football is a week to week adventure. For FTB, the last 2 weeks have been great with 2 easy wins over Clark Kent and Macheteros. And then of course he has his pride and joy – the only person to defeat the Ninjas this season. But he wants to place one more thing next to his pride and joy – tackling on another loss for the Outlaws. For the Outlaws, the player to watch will be Jerick McKinnon who is coming off a pretty decent game against the stout Detroit defense. While Buffalo isn’t as dominant as the Detroit D, it still a squad that is tough to run against which could mean a long day at the office for McKinnon. Another obstacle in the way for Jerick is the coach – who for some reason wants to get Asiata back on the field even though he was only an average RB to begin with. For FTB, the player to watch will be Percy Harvin – going up against a not so good St Louis defense, you know this is the type of game in which Harvin just explodes onto the scene with over a 100 yards and a TD. And then once he’s done – he’s going to come over to Marques’ house and spit in his face just to add insult to injury. Yahoo is currently giving a 3 point edge to FTB and after last week, you have to think this team is going to have a letdown game. But we think that the Commish will find a way to get his team motivated to not fear the neckbeard and pull out the W.

WDESPN Prediction: The Outlaws

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NFL: Dolphins place RB Knowshon Moreno on season-ending IR with ACL injury; signed 1-year deal in March -via SportsCenter http://es.pn/scappandroid

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Florida QB Treon Harris accused of sexually assaulting female student on campus early Sunday morning -via SportsCenter http://es.pn/scappandroid

WDE Rumble 14: Week 5 Storylines (Sponsored by Neighbors)

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And then there was none. We went from having 2 undefeated teams to having none this week – which once again shows the parity that is the NFL season. The funny thing about week week 4 is that it featured a plethora of powerhouse fantasy football teams. So for the rest of the season teams don’t have to worry about the Bengals, Seahawks, Broncos and yes, even the Browns have a week off. So with only 2 teams on bye this week – Miami and Oakland – for the most part everyone is back up to full strength. Does that mean that the power the former undefeated teams will regain their former glory? Or will their true form come out under the full strength of a surprising team? There’s only one way to find out….

Orange Nation vs. Macheteros: Joel could not have asked for a better get well game. After taking a soul crushing lost last week from the Ninjas on Monday night, the Nation is hoping to get back to it’s dominant form against a team that just can’t seem to find a way to win (except that one time). So who’s the person to watch on the Orange Nation squad? That would continue to be DeMarco Murray – who through 5 weeks is very much looking like a top 5 pick instead of the 8th pick that he ended up being. Since the start of the year, Murray has not scored under 25 points – that’s a fantasy stud if ever there was one in this day and age. The main question in regards to Murray is always about health – can he stay healthy for the remainder of the season? If the Cowboys keep feeding him like this, the odds are not in his favor. But fantasy football is a week to week endeavor and for this week, expect Murray to go beast mode on the vaunted Houston defense. But is there any hope on the Macheteros side of being able to take down this juggernaut in waiting? Hmm….I think the player to watch on Chris’ side is Rashad Jennings. While he hasn’t been the stud that Murray has been (he scored under 25 points twice this season) he’s still having a good season so far and he’s going up against the Atlanta Falcons run defense. Despite what you might have saw in their Thursday night game, it’s only good if the team is already beating you by 50 points. Otherwise, it’s a pretty average squad. And a pretty average squad is always less than an above average running back. Yahoo is giving Orange Nation the victory by 67 points….it might not even be that close. Give us the Orange Nation in a Kansas City to New England like rout!

WDESPN Prediction: Orange Nation

ATLiens Rebuilding vs. The Texasseans: In theory, this should be a get right game for the ATLiens. Going up against a team that’s perpetually at the bottom of the league should be the cure all for a team that has been as dominant as Reid has been. But the player to watch is the one that could quite possibly sink this team – Matt Ryan. While Ryan played tremendously last week away from home, he’s going up against a Giants team that is just now finding it’s groove. It’s really a matter of which Matt will we see – Matty Ice or Matty Ice cold? Another interesting member of this team is their defense – Reid is starting the Cleveland defense which is coming off a bye and facing off against an inept Tennessee defense. I’m sure Reid is hoping for a better performance out of them compared to his vaunted Atlanta defense last week. But while Reid has the Browns coming off a bye, Phil has Peyton coming off a bye in a game that many are expecting to be a shootout. Another thing to watch for will be the play of Roddy White, it’s quite possible that if Ryan has a good day – Roddy could be the beneficiary. Amazingly enough, Phil is actually favored in this game by at 26 points – which is something that I wouldn’t think possible with a 1-3 record. So looking at both teams objectively, I feel that the Texasseans will pull off the win and start looking like a force to be reckoned with for the remainder of the season.

WDESPN Prediction: Texasseans

The Footballas vs. Bring It!: Since Yahoo has started doing the match up predictions, I believe this is the first match up in which I have seen a true 50/50 split. This is quite literally anyone’s game – which should make for a very exciting Sunday afternoon for these two teams. While these two teams have the same record now, this could be the victory that keeps them in the playoff conversation or the loss that makes them a bubble team. For Bring It!, the player to watch will be the man, the myth, the legend – Steve Smith Sr. He has been on fire this season and really showcased his skills last week in his match up against his former team. Now he goes up against an even more suspect Indy secondary. While this could be a shoot out, you have to remember who his quarterback is. Joe Flacco isn’t exactly known for his consistency from week to week and while there have been some good Flacco sightings over the past week, he’s about due for a bad Flacco game which could really hurt Smith’s value (although if he gives up a few sacks to D’Qwell Jackson that will help him as well). On the Footballas side – they have 2 players to watch: Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers. Why these 2? Because of how much they play, there’s a very real likely hood that both players only add up to the value of one RB. Going up against the Giants defense at home isn’t exactly a recipe for fantasy success on the ground. In all likelihood, Ryan will have to throw which will take away from both these guys and potentially giveth to another player on Bring It! squad: Prince Amukarama – who is playing so much better now that he’s married. So with such a close game, who do we think goings to come away with the W? Bring It! will do his namesake against Todd’s squad as he keeps his name in the conversation for the playoffs. If Todd is knocked out of the game quickly by Phillip, then he can go enjoy his Cards playoff game in peace.

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!