WDE Rumble Week 1 Award Winners:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers Award (Most Points scored): The ATLiens Rises
  • Ryan Lochte Award (Most points but lost): The Mistocles
  • Simone Manuel Award (Fewest points but won): Texasseans
  • US Olympics Women’s Basketball Award (Largest Margin of victory): The ATLiens Rises

As is always the case, week 1 was full of surprising and thrilling performances from most of the Rumble teams. You had the ATLiens roar out to a dominate win over TheMistocles, you had BOTH Owen brothers winning their first game of the season and you had the Madden Curse work in its fastest time ever by taking out Gronk before Week 1 even got started. Now we move on to week 2, which is when the reality of the season starts to set in. There are only 3 options available to the teams as this week starts off: 2-0, 1-1 or 0-2. Which way will your season head?

The ATLiens Rises vs. Macheteros: So right now, Reid’s team is not only the points leader for the league but also looks like the most dominant force this league has ever seen. He’s got superstars at every position (the joy of having so many early draft picks) and just crushed his week 1 opponent – I think Mistocles just stopped crying on Tuesday. The question isn’t so much will Reid win this game, but how much will he win this game by? There’s an outside chance that Chris will be able to go toe to toe with Reid, but that chance is not only outside – it’s running away from the house in terror. For ATLiens, all eyes will be on Spencer Ware…he had a great week 1 performance and looked like an Elite RB1. Will he be able to pull off that same type of performance against a much better defense? Even though JJ Watt isn’t at 100%, JaDaveon Clowney was on a tear last week and could cause some havoc in the backfield for Mr. Ware.Will Spencer wear down in week 2 or prove that he’s a force to be reckoned with this season? On the Macheteros side, all eyes will be on Aaron Rodgers and how he performs against the underrated Minnesota defense. Rodgers has always had issues taking on a Mike Zimmer defense, and this one will be amped up as they are playing on Sunday night AND are opening up their new stadium. That place is going to be rocking – so it will be interesting to see if that rocking rattles Rodgers. The ATLiens should win this one fairly easily – Reid might not lose a game until the bye weeks happen and his depth is tested. We shall see – but not this week.

WDESPN Prediction: The ATLiens Rises

Orange Nation vs. The Footballas: Both teams are coming off impressive week 1 victories and looking to continue their momentum heading into the first bye weeks. For Joel, his week 1 victory over Jonas was just the confidence booster that he needed to know that he might actually be able to compete in this year’s Rumble. Taking down a legend like the Ninjas is no easy task, so Joel was so excited that he went on Facebook Live to let the world know (oh wait, he was preaching via FBLive? I’m sure he was preaching about his victory – what else is there to talk about?). But now Orange Nation/Joel needs to prove that he’s not a one week wonder and build on that great win. On the other side of the ball, you have The Footballas/Todd who crushed his week 1 opponent like a grape and is looking to continue that dominant performance this week. Both teams will have their eyes on the Bengals vs. Steelers match up as Orange Nation has Antonio Brown and The Footballas has Ben Roethlisberger. As proven on MNF last week, Antonio Brown is the unquestioned #1 WR in the NFL at the moment – but someone has to throw him the ball. Both coaches are hoping for a great performance from their Steeler, it’s just a matter of who will step up more. In addition, Orange Nation is also hoping for another solid performance from their $100 man, Von Miller against Andrew Luck. The funny thing about Von Miller this week, is that in order for Von Miller to get alot of points – he needs to get sacks. Which means sacking Andrew Luck. Which means hurting his brother’s (Phil/Texasseans) chance of winning this week. Does fantasy trump brotherly love? We shall see. But for us, this might be a close one but we think that Orange Nation has a really good chance of going 2-0 to start the season…which I believe is a sign of the apocalypse. Need to jump on Facebook Live and let the world know!

WDESPN Prediction: Orange Nation

Texasseans vs. Family Owned: Another battle of 1-0 teams which will probably also be another close game. Both of these teams beat week 1 opponents that couldn’t even crack 160 points for the week – so this match up should be alot more equal compared to last week. For the Texasseans, this is a chance to show that even though beating the Outlaws is the highlight of their season every year, they are not a one trick/one win pony and can string together multiple wins. For Family Owned/Corey – he wants to show that a family that plays together, crushes other teams together. Should be an interesting one. The spotlight player for the Texasseans will be Andrew Luck. Last week, he looked pretty bad during the first part of their game against the Lions but came to life in the second half to put up 52 points last week. This week, Luck will have a much harder time against the vaunted Denver defense and Phil will need all the help he can get this week. For Orange Nation, all eyes will be on Philip Rivers to see how his team responds to the loss of Keenan Allen. Last year, once Allen went out it was pretty much a game of dominoes as other Chargers started going down with injuries left and right, leaving you with a decimated Chargers O-Line and very hurried QB in Rivers. Will history repeat itself?Unfortunately, I do believe so. Give us the Texasseans in a close one. Wow – both Owen brothers going 2-0?Seriously…sign of the apocalypse. 

WDESPN Prediction: Texasseans


WDE Rumble Weekly Story lines: Week 1 (Sponsored by the PS4 Pro)

Here we stand once again – on the precipice of another great season of NFL fantasy football action. As we start the 2016-17 season, everyone in the league is currently a winner (although an argument could be made that Orange Nation has already lost a game due to their massive investment in Von Miller to start the season). This past season we lost a legend in Peyton Manning who was able to ride off into the sunset with a Super Bowl ring (which probably gives him even more time to make commercials) and we crowned the Ninjas as champion once again. But with a new season, comes new fantasy legends to be made and a (potentially) new champ to be crowned. Week 1 is always a crazy week that is sometimes not indicative of how the rest of the season will play out, but as college football taught us – Week 1 can be a heck of alot of fun. So let’s have some fun!

Nashville Ninjas vs. Orange Nation [Rivarly]: Well this match up got off to an unexpected bang when Joel went and spent 50% of his FAAB budget on a player that – as of this writing – isn’t even in his starting lineup.Both of these teams are coming in with pretty solid teams to start the season, with Orange Nation getting a slight edge because of their great draft position and keeper position. You know Joel has a direct line to the man upstairs when his starting lineup has Antonio Brown AND David Johnson in it. For the Ninjas, they have a pretty good mix of current studs (Cam Newton) and alot of dart throws. Lamar Miller has been given the reigns in Houston – will he actually live up to the hype? Does Antonio Gates have one more good season in him? Will Sterling Shepard be that complimentary WR2 that the Giants need to break open their passing game? I don’t know – but the NInjas are looking like a better Oct/Nov team rather than a win in week 1 team. That honor goes to Orange Nation, by a very small margin. Based on who he has available, there really is no way that Joel should lose this match up – but where there’s a will there’s a way. At least for week 1, Orange Nation comes out on top in this rivalry matchup.

WDESPN Prediction: Orange Nation

ATLien Rises vs. TheMistocles: This match up has the biggest points differential of the entire week – as of this writing, ATLiens is expected to win by 28 points. With all the draft picks that Reid had available to him, he should be fielding a strong team pretty much every week – but even the strongest team can come up against a scrappy little team that could pull off the upset. That’s exactly what we have in TheMistocles. Sporting the all underrated team of Carson Palmer, Sammy Watkins, Doug Baldwin and Mark Ingram – Maurice has assembled a team that he is hoping is greater than their individual parts. But in all honesty, this one shouldn’t even be that close but like we said in the opener – week 1 can lead to all sorts of craziness. This match up should not be one of those crazy games and Reid can start his march back to the playoffs with a win.

WDESPN Prediction: ATLien Rises

Bring It! Vs. Clark Kent: This will be one of the more interesting games of the week, as both teams are supposedly evenly matched from a point perspective. This might be the closest match up that has been projected in a long time. Headlining the Bring It squad, will be PRR’s favorite WR ever – Dez Bryant, being thrown to by an actual human being who had parents that thought DAK was a good first name for their child. Really? The core of PRR’s team is the RB tandem of Todd Gurley and Eddie Lacy. It will be interesting to see how the move to LA affects Gurley and the loss of weight affects Lacy. If Lacy/Gurley can actually have a good season together, this team might be able to scrap together a few wins. On the other hand, you have Clark Kent that is relying on the magic of AJ Green to elevate his poor excuse for a team. In previous year, D. Thomas was pretty much a locked in WR1 but with the current QB situation in Denver – that is no longer the case. It’s funny to think about, in previous years having AJ Green and D.Thomas on your team would have been an amazing stroke of luck – but this year, it’s to be expected. This match up will feature both starting WRs for the Broncos – so PRR and Mike should be watching this game closely on Thursday night to see which WR is being fed more. It’s also nice that Clark Kent is renting DeAngelo Williams for the first few weeks of the year – don’t want that rental to go to waste parked on the bench. Despite our better judgement, we believe that Bring It! Will somehow bring it on Sunday and start his quiet but predictable march to being bounced in the first round of the playoffs.

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!

The Outlaws vs. Texasseans [Rivalry]: If there’s one team that Phil can get excited for every year in the league, it’s his annual match up against the Outlaws. Even though Phil doesn’t draft a superior squad, his team somehow finds a way to embarrass and beat the Outlaws when it counts.This is believed to be the first time that either team has faced each other in Week 1, so it will be interesting to see if that Owens luck can start the season off strong. For the Outlaws, the core of their team is their dynamic WR corps of Odel Beckham and Jordy Nelson. For the 3rd year straight, the Outlaws and OBJ are joining forces to take down the evil known as the other teams in the Rumble. Last year, OBJ was teamed up with Randall Cobb who just couldn’t find his way without the true WR1 in Green Bay. Now OBJ is teamed up with the aforementioned WR1 in Green Bay – can their powers combined take down Phil in week 1? On the other hand, after a somewhat rocky, soccer filled draft – the Texasseans have found a way to revitalize their team picking up Terrance West and a hand full of IDPs that Phil is hoping will give him the edge over the Commish’s squad. The games that both teams will be watching are Jaguars vs. Packers (both have the starting WRs for Green Bay) and Indianapolis vs. Detroit (both have the starting WRs for Detroit and Phil has Andrew Luck). This game could end up being close, but it’s week 1 and somehow, someway the Outlaws will find a way to come out on top against the great Phil revival.

WDESPN Prediction: The Outlaws

Macheteros vs. Family Owned: So can we just spend this entire column just talking about what a terrible draft choice Victor Cruz was? No? Really? Fine – remember it was terrible. Now onto this match up, featuring Gronk and Allen Robinson vs. Adrian (I really should have been drafted by PRR) Peterson and….the Denver defense? If there was ever a match up that could feature some surprising results, it would be this one. The main reason is that no one on the either squad really stands out outside of the aforementioned players/defenses. Aaron Rodgers could be elite – but he has to prove it after the rocky season the Packers had last year. Rivers could be elite – but his offensive line needs to stay healthy for the majority of the season. Ultimately, this match up is going to come down to which not quality level QB will hurt their star player: Shaun Hill/Sam Bradford hurting Adrian Peterson’s value or Garopolo hurting Gronk’s value? On any other day, I would say the Gronk you tour would beat out Peterson and the mediocre twins – but his year, the Madden curse will strike at the most unexpected time and why not week 1? I don’t think that Gronk will get hurt, but Garopolo is no Brady and teams will definitely be scheming ways to force things to other players not named Gronk – and Garopolo should take those chances. So the family that plays together, stays together and totally owns Chris in week 1.

WDESPN Prediction: Family Owned

Fear the Neckbeard vs. The Footballas: One of these teams is coming into this season after making a semi-respectable show in the playoffs last season and the other is licking his wounds after coming in dead last in the league and only winning 2 games. It takes alot of out of mentally when you lose all your games except when you play the Owens boys. But this season represents a new slate and new opportunities to make it into the post season for both of these teams. For The Footballas, their bread will definitely be buttered by the silky smooth Julio Jones – the question is, how many games will Julio actually play this season and will Sanu provide enough of a distraction to keep Julio in that upper tier of WR rankings that we’re accustomed to seeing him at. For FTB, their bread will be buttered by their running game of Matt Forte and Danny Woodhead, or as they are called in PPR land “Mr Reliables”. While neither back is known for their durability, this is only week 1 and they should both come out of it unscathed for the most part and potentially leading their team to victory. I actually think that FTB has the firepower, no matter how limited it actually is, to get the job done this week. With Forte and Woodhead leading the way, they could lead this team to the promise land via PPR. So with that as prologue, we think that FTB will come away with the W in week 1.

WDESPN Prediction: Fear the Neckbeard

WDE Rumble 16: Weekly Awards Titles

Posted: September 8, 2016 by marquesstewart in Awards, Fantasy Footbal, WDE Rumble

With this being the year of the Olympics, Zika and the Cavaliers finally winning a championship – there were a lot of good things to choose from for the names of our weekly awards. But as always, there can be only 4. So without further adieu, here are the titles of the 4 weekly awards:

Most points scored during the week = The Cleveland Cavalier Award: In honor of the Cavs finally bringing a championship back to the city of Cleveland and doing it in such a dominant, never been done before fashion. Basically the Cavs said the Warriors “We’ll spot you 3 and still win”. If that’s not a Juggernaut worthy team, I don’t know what is.

Most points scored but lost = Ryan Lochte Award: When you have everything going your way – but you still end up falling short…not only as an athlete (living in the shadow of Phelps/the highest scoring winning total) but also as a person – this award is for you. Now no one in the league falls to the douche bag level that is Ryan Lochte, but to honor his embarrassing of his country and the human intelligence we name this award after him.

Fewest points scored but won = The Simone Manuel Award: When you try to do something that people find impossible, that’s the sign of a true competitor which is perfectly symbolized by the first black woman to win individual swim gold at the Olympics. When people stand on the side and say you can’t do that, you can’t win that game – I hope for a stat correction. You stand tall in your ability to overcome adversity and your opponent to bring home the actual Championship gold.

Largest Margin of Victory = The US Olympics Women’s Basketball team: When you’re just so dominant, that you make it look easy – that’s the perfect award for this kind of team. The team that wins this award not only beat their opponent, they pretty much curb stomped them and then said “Sir, may I have another next week?”. For the team that wins this award, it just serves as a gentle reminder that some teams are just better than others – and your team was the better one this week.

The weekly awards are a way to acknowledge some of the highlights and low lights from the past weekend of football. Every year, the awards remain the same but the names change – and this year is no different. 🙂 So first let’s introduce the award names for this season:

The Rhonda Rousey Award: For the team that has the most dominant performance of the week.

The Jurassic World Award: For the team the scores the most overall points of the week

The Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Award: For the team that scores the highest losing score of the week

The Ant-Man Award: For the team that scores the fewest amount of points but wins

We’ll recap weeks 1 & 2 this time around, but moving forward will recap the weeks as they happen.

Week 1:

The Jurassic World Award: The Nashville Ninjas / Key to Victory: After everyone laughed it out of the draft room for picking Cam Newton early, Jonas picked up Carson Palmer and he has been a great starting QB for him…even though he was supposed to be the backup.

The Rhonda Rousey Award: TheMistocles / Key to Victory: A pissed off Tom Brady – that’s the only key you need.

The Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Award: Bring It / Key to Loss: Dougie was not so fresh in week 1, Doug Martin only brought in 5 points to the cause in week 1. He and Greg Olsen were determined to not give the victory to PRR.

The Ant-Man Award: Clark Kent / Key to Victory: J-E-T-S came back in a big way during week 1. They say defense wins championships….it could net Mike at least a conference championship if the Jets keep playing like they did in week 1.

Week 2:

Jurassic World Award: The Nashville Ninjas / Key to Victory: Antonio Brown is one of the few top picks so far this season that’s actually living up to his billing. And that bill led to a win over Mike before his wedding…a cruel wedding gift if ever there was one.

Rhoda Rousey Award: Macheteros / Key to Victory: It’s not very often that a Jaguars player is the key to victory for any squad – but that was the case this week with Allen Robinson chiming in for over 40 points. He’ll probably never be that good again in his career.

Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Award: Clark Kent / Key to Loss: Who knew that the West Coast waters are what gave Frank Gore his strength. Perhaps it wasn’t Trent Richardson’s fault that he sucked in Indy – maybe there’s something up with Indy? (Note: Nope, Trent Richardson just sucks as an NFL RB)

The Ant-Man Award: The ATLiens Rise / Key to Victory: Phil not knowing that Mike Evans was still out last week. He lost by 8 points…which 3 players on Phil’s bench had and could have had the win easily. But he who prepares…wins…unless they are facing the Ninjas.

Injuregeddon has hit almost every team in the league over the last 2 weeks…who knew that teams depth charts would be tested so early on! As the waiver wire has proven over that same period, certain people are trying to cobble together a team after suffering so many setbacks within a short period of time. But one team that is not suffering a setback – but is out kicking their coverage is Mike Williams, coach of Clark Kent. This past week Mike finally got married! It’s a good thing he had something positive to look forward to after the drubbing that Jonas put on his last weekend. So in honor of this momentous occasion, we start the storylines with his team and their one on one match up with the Great One.

Clark Kent vs. Bring It!: While this match up is pretty close from a point perspective, the most interesting match up will be at the QB position. Over the past 3 games (including last season), Andrew Luck has look very mortal and nearly the top QB that everyone expected him to be. While he has put up respectable numbers, Andrew’s luck appears to have run out for the time being. But this week, he’s going up against a team that he’s very comfortable with – the Tennessee Titans. Will that result in a return to Andrew’s former glory or will the Mariota affect bring him down a peg again? On the other side, Russell has been pretty much what he has always been – a good but not great fantasy QB. But this weekend he’ll be going up against the very banged up Chicago defense and offense – and he’s dealing with an upset Jimmy Graham. Could both of those things result in an offensive explosion from the Wisconsin grad? We actually think the answer is yes and somehow, some way the new husband pulls off the week 3 miracle.

WDESPN Prediction: Clark Kent (and PRR will consider that win his wedding gift)

Nashville Ninjas vs. The Footballas [Rivalry]: So you know how we said at the top that alot of teams were hit by the injury bug this past weekend? One team that is amazingly enough still healthy are the Ninjas and they have been using their healthy roster position to pretty much steamroll every team they have encountered so far. But Todd’s team may be able to at least make it look competitive…maybe. The players to watch in this game will be at the RB position as Todd is rolling out Lamar Miller and the NInjas are rolling out Melvin Gordon. Miller has been on the injury report all week long and is not a lock to play at all – in addition, he would be going up against the tough Buffalo run defense….so not exactly a recipe for great fantasy success when you’re going up against a dominant team like the Ninjas. On the other side of the equation, you have the star rookie RB of this past year’s draft who hasn’t broken over 10 points yet this season. Fortunately for Jonas – he’s built a good team around that weak piece and it’s paying off handsomely for him. Well this week, it continues to pay off handsomely for him as he adds Todd to his win column this week. The good thing for Todd is that – since he now lives out in the country – he can sit back in his rocking chair with his daughter and ponder what moves he needs to make to get revenge on Jonas in the playoffs. Sweet sweet revenge.

WDESPN Prediction: Nashville Ninjas

TheMistocles vs. The ATLien Rises: For the most part, the Mistocles coach – Maurice – is a pretty quiet guy. He’s got kind of a workman-like attitude when it comes to fantasy football: It clocks in on Sunday, sets his lineup, gets the W and clocks out. It’s a pretty nice way of living at the moment. This stability is probably what has led to his 2-0 start (oh yeah, and having a pissed off Tom Brady at your disposal isn’t to bad either). So the most interesting match up right now will be at the flex position for both teams – Maurice with Terrance Williams and Reid with the $70 man known as Matt Jones. Since this is coming out after the Thursday night game – yeah, ouch. That is not necessarily looking like money well spent – but the season is still young. For Maurice’s team, while Williams is healthy (for now, the Cowboys seem to have contracted a very bad case of the injuries) he’s now got Brandon Weeden throwing to him instead of Tony Romo. While Weeden is an ok player, he’s no Romo and it will be interesting to see if he can stretch the field enough to be a useful part of the fantasy world. These two teams are also dealing with the injury bug with their primary RBs as well – Carlos Hyde and CJ Anderson. Which one will actually suit up, play AND be productive this week? (Carlos only did it once, need to see it again for it to be a trend). I think the Tom Brady affect is just to much for Matty ice and company to overcome in week 3. But if Reid is lucky, he’ll have the highest losing score and get some of his FAAB money back….maybe.

WDESPN Prediction: TheMistocles

The season of hope is almost over – time for all the planning of the summer to lead into the planning of next year’s draft picks as some teams are destined for greatness while others will start off the year with their year long losing streak. But week 1 is always full of anticipation as we all put our best team forward and try to get the season off right.

As always, the first storylines of the year will highlight all the teams playing in week – whereas for week 2 and beyond (except Rivalry week) we will be highlight just the top 3 matchups of the week. So which match up highlights week 1 of the regular season….a rematch of the last 2 Rumble Champions!

The Outlaws vs. The ATLiens Rises [Rivalry]: The last two champions of the Rumble face off in this highly anticipated match up. The focal point of this matchup will be at the WR position as both teams are coming in with potential Top 15 picks at their disposal. Both teams have someone who is considered an elite talent (Cobb vs. Bryant) and both teams have someone that is in a new position that will be interesting to see how it plays out in week 1 (OBJ being the focal point of the Giants offense and Maclin being in KC, maybe he can score a TD). During the draft, Reid stated that he was going to try fielding a team without a kicker – it looks like that plan didn’t last very long as he picked up Graham Gano not long after the draft. As we said at the top, there’s alot of hopes and dreams in these week 1 games – but only one person can lead off the year with a win. The key game for Reid will be the Falcons vs. the Eagles on Monday night – everyone is expecting it to be a shootout, but will Matty Ice be up to the challenge? On the other side of the field, in that same game we will be getting our first real look at Nelson Agholor, the WR2 on the Eagles. Everyone expects Jordan Matthews to be the lead WR for the Eagles, but there’s potentially more than enough targets to go around to make Nelson a viable option. It’s only a question of will he cease the moment on the big stage? Yahoo is predicting that this will be a close game – and it’s always a good sign when it comes down to Monday Night, but we think the Outlaws pull this one out…but just barely. (We don’t believe Kyle Rudolph will be a huge factor in this game, but of course he could go out there and prove us all wrong)

WDESPN Prediction: The Outlaws

Footballas vs. Orange Nation: I don’t know how they did it, but somehow Orange Nation turned what looked like a horrible draft into a respectable starting lineup for week 1. Must be the power of prayer! Having the Murray’s at RB position is definitely not a bad thing and if they are able to live up to their play of last year (even if Murray only did it for one game), then this might be a team to contend with throughout the course of the year. While their RB position is good, their WR corps is a little bit on the older side of the equation – starting both Jerrico Cotchery and Larry Fitzgerald, but hey someone has to catch the balls in Carolina and Arizona, right? Joel’s love for the Raiders is starting to show though – as he picked up their no.1 WR (Amari Cooper) in addition to Latavius Murray. He must have alot of faith in Derek Carr – or he wasn’t paying attention. On the other sideline, you have the man who decided that in order to improve his drafting ability, he needed to move out into the country and just get away from it all. Did it help? Probably not for week 1 as his WR1 isn’t healthy and his TE1 (Julius Thomas) is out for the first 4 weeks of the season. Oh yeah, and his kicker will potentially lose their job prior to the 2nd game of the season…but other than those things, great roster construction! So again – despite having a not so great draft, Joel gets a not so great opponent to cruise to their first win of the season. If Todd can take any solace from this, it’s the fact that a quarter of his game will be over by Thursday night….so he can start accepting his loss early.

WDESPN Prediction: Orange Nation

Nashville Ninjas vs. Bring It!: This one should be fun, primarily because of who the Ninjas are NOT playing in week 1. Despite the great acclaim that the league gave him for the pick, Jonas appears set to not start Cam Newton in week 1. Instead, going with old faithful in Carson Palmer – but it’s week 1, so he should be fine, right? As long as the Cardinals don’t give him another extension, he should make it halfway through the season. This will be an interesting battle of the A’s on both sides of the ball. For Jonas, he’s got Antonio Brown, AJ Green and Andre Ellington all geared up to take on the Andrew Luck and Ameer Abdullah. If that was all the firepower that Bring It was bringing to the party, this match would be done before it got started. But PRR reached for a bit of homer love by taking (i.e. stealing away from Reid) Julio Jones who just received a monster contract and will be out on a mission to prove that he’s worth every penny. Each coach is rolling out a rookie RB for week 1, so we will see which one is actually better. Both coaches are also rolling out RBs who were disappointing last year – in Andre Ellington and Doug Martin. It has been 2 years since Doug Martin was relevant for fantasy purposes, so it will be interesting to see if the off season of hype actually lives up to the real thing. If it doesn’t, it’s going to be a painful few weeks for PRR as he awaits his two other injured RBs to get healthy enough to play. If things work out the way PRR hopes, he’s got a team that’s built for the second half of the season. Unfortunately for him, he’s got to survive the first half before he can get there. This game may come down to Monday Night as well, as Julio attempts to go off against the vaunted Eagles defense (sarcasm). If this is going to be a high scoring game, it’s going to be a long night of nail biting for Jonas. I actually think that PRR is able to pull of the miracle victory and despite his team being on the medical table most of the time, he walks away with a victory in the first game of the season.

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!

Texasseans vs. Under New Management: Well then you’ve just been promoted to the big fantasy football league, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got a legend at the helm to guide you through this new terrain. A terrain where everyone knows all the sleepers – it’s just a matter of who will pick him up first. Terrain where it’s not the draft that creates champions, it’s the waiver wire. But the draft helps – and Cory (UNM) came into the league with one of the top 2 QBs in the game with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. But Phil is no slouch himself, he brought his own legend to the gun show as well as Peyton Manning  gears up to face the Baltimore Ravens in week 1. The last time the Broncos started the year off with the Ravens, it was an amazing game for Peyton and a coming out party for Julius “The new if he can stay healthy” Thomas. Could the same thing happen this year for Phil’s squad. This should be an interesting match up in the WR/RB department. Phil has some interesting selections in the WR department as he has the entire TB WR Corps and the unproven WR2 for the Packers. Can Adams live up to the hype that was generated for him after the loss of Nelson in the off season? Are there enough passes in TB to sustain both TB WRs? For UNM, Jeremy Hill burst onto the season last year with an amazing run of games – but the league has had a year to prepare for him. And as Gio Bernard has demonstrated oh so well, the Bengals have no loyalty to their RBs. But rounding out UNMs RB Corps, he has Mat Forte. Who’s typically a PPR monster during the first part of the season and kind of levels off towards the middle and end of the season. But with all the injuries to the WR Corps in Chicago, there’s a very good chance that he will once again be an early season PPR monster. It’s just a matter of how much opportunity he will get going up against the juggernaut known as the Packers. But do you know what the most interesting match up will be in this entire game….the Baltimore defense vs. the Manning offense. Oh wait – you say that I already mentioned that? Well can you take a guess as to who has the Baltimore defense (and no current backup defense)? That would be the Texasseans! This is just one of the many reasons that UNM is projected to win this match up in a potential layup. Peyton will make this match competitive, but Phil’s coaching will sink their chances.

WDESPN Prediction: Under New Management

Clark Kent vs. Fear the Neckbeard:So the highlight of this match up will be at the RB position as both teams are starting oldies but goodies at the position. For Clark Kent, they will be starting one of the favorite RBs of the last few years…just on a better team then he has ever played with before. Frank Gore is the new starting RB for the Colts and he’s got a proven track record that that show’s he’s no Trent Richardson. Mike will also be rolling with Jamaal Charles – who is one of the best PPR RBs in the game and will definitely be healthy for week 1, it’s just a question of how long he can last before he misses his eventual 1-2 games of the season. For Kyle (FTNB), they are rolling with the only remaining vestige of John Stewart’s “Daily Show” by rolling out John Stewart – who’s got the Carolina backfield all to himself for the first time in forever. FTNB is the only one to bring some youth to dance by bringing in one of the MANY Atlanta RBs in the mix this season, Tevin Coleman. With his first game being under the lights of MNF, it should be interesting to see if he shows up under the bright lights of the Georgia Dome on primetime. Amazingly enough, out of all the games that are being played in week 1 – this could be the most fun simply because of the shootout quality that’s possible at the WR position. Both teams have guys that could literally turn the game on its head if things go the right way – but this is week 1 and all sorts of craziness can happen that are not indicative of the rest of the season (everyone remember’s Terrance Williams big game in week 1 a few years back?). Yahoo believes that FTNB will walk away with the victory, possibly on the back of Drew Brees and Calvin Johnson. We can’t help but agree with that sentiment. If it’s any consolation – Mike’s wedding is coming up soon and that should make up for any loss he accumulates prior to that date. 🙂

WDESPN Prediction: Fear the Neckbeard

TheMistocles vs. Macheteros: So when we look back on the draft, we will probably say that the best value pick belong to Mistocles with their pickup of Tom Brady in the 5th round. Now that his suspension has been lift, he not only gets to potentially start Brady in week 1 – he also has the (as of right now) starting QB for the high flying Eagles offense in Sam Bradford. If things break correctly, Mistocles could have some trade bait on their hands in the latter parts of the season. But outside of the QB spot, there’s not really much to write home about in terms of offensive weapons for the Mistocles. While they do have Demaryius Thomas in the WR1 slot, DeAndre Hopkins is not in the greatest offense in the world and Torrey Smith has never been consistent…and now that he has missile arm Kaepernick throwing to him, good luck. On the flip side, you’ve got the homer team of the New York Giants with two players (Eli and Rashad) taking the lead with this group. The highlight of the roster is obviously Adrian Peterson, but one person does not a championship run make. Chris is hoping against hope that LeSean McCoy is able to suit up in week 1 as his only other RB is another New York Giants RB (Andre Williams). And speaking of another injured member of the Macheteros, Chris is hoping that TY Hilton will be out of the concussion program in time for week 1. So basically, Chris will be making some visits to doctors over the next couple of days to make sure that two of his star players are on the field to start off the year. This one is going to be unspectacular, but in the end the Mistocles will probably pull of the close victory.

WDESPN Prediction: TheMistocles

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