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On this Force Friday, there was only one way to describe the Outlaws last week…a force to be reckoned with. Here’s a recap of last week’s Award Winners

WDE Rumble Week 3 Award Winners:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers Award (Most Points scored): The Outlaws
  • Ryan Lochte Award (Most points but lost): Macheteros
  • Simone Manuel Award (Fewest points but won):Nashville Ninjas
  • US Olympics Women’s Basketball Award (Largest Margin of victory): Clark Kent

Week 4 represents a whole new level of competition for the Rumble competitors. Whereas before, they were beating each other up across conferences – it’s time to take the battle within the not-so-friendly confines of their RAW and SMACKDOWN conferences. This is also the first bye week of the season – so team’s rolling with the Pack or the Eagles will need to find someone to fill the void in their life. This is where all your hard effort in the draft and picking up waiver wire gems starts to pay off…or crush your hopes of making the playoffs.

Week 4 Storylines:

  • ATLiens vs. Clark Kent: #1 vs. #2 in the RAW division is our highlight match of the week. While Reid has not cracked 200 since his amazing performance in week 1, he has somehow found a way to win when it matters most (i.e. on Sunday). This week though, he will be going up against someone that has consistently broken 200 and is looking to continue the trend against the top dog in the conference. The player to watch will be the defenses of both teams: Houston (for Clark Kent) and Minnesota (for ATLiens). Last week the Vikings scored an impressive 83 points against the Carolina offense and Reid truly enjoyed their performance….as they sat on the bench. This week they will be once again under the lights of Monday Night football – will they have another star studded performance like they had against Green Bay (50 points)? For Clark Kent, the real question is what do the Houston Texans defense look like without JJ Watt? Is it nearly as dominant a force as it was with Watt at the forefront? Well, we’re about to find out (spoiler alert: the answer is no). While this will be an interesting game, you just have to believe that somehow, someway ATLiens is going to find a way to win…despite themselves.

WDESPN Prediction: ATLiens Rises

  • The Outlaws vs. Orange Nation: Can the Owen Brothers sweep the Outlaws this season? That’s the question on everyone’s mind as we head into this match up. Both teams are 2-1 and are right next to each other in the standings. A win here for either team puts them that much farther away from .500 and closer to the promise land known as the playoffs. This is also the $100 matchup as it will feature Von Miller facing off against the team that drafted him and dumped him before the start of the season….you know he’s going to be playing angry because of that one. The key players in this match up are going to be Christine Michael and David Johnson. For the Outlaws, they put their fantasy faith in Michael to start the season (sorry Von) and it finally paid off last week as he was the RB1 for Seattle and turned in a Beast Mode like performance. Now against a much tougher opponent in the NYJ, what will Michael look like this week? Russel Wilson is injured, so will Michael become the focus of the offense and how will he handle the 3rd strongest run defense in the league? For Orange Nation, they will be sending their beloved David Johnson to take on the villainous Los Angeles Rams. While the Rams are obviously not a good team, they somehow find a way to win a few of these NFC West matchups (just ask Seattle). While David will more then likely have a very solid RB performance – the question is will that be enough to overcome the Outlaws this week? We think the answer is yes…and the sweep is complete. We can only hope that Joel will be more humble in victory then his brother was.

WDESPN Prediction: Orange Nation

  • Bring It vs. Macheteros: Some call this a “wounded animal” game – both teams are desperate for a win. The best part about this match up – at least 1 of them will come away with the victory….unless they tie, then they should just punt this season. You want to talk about cursed teams – you definitely need to talk to these guys. Both of their 1st round draft choices are injured, neither one has their star QB this weekend and their RB2 choice is something to laugh at (You know Artis-Payne is getting a TD stolen by Newton and who’s this Farrow kid?). This one might be a low scoring game – but at least we know one team will not be going winless this season. So the key players for the teams are Stefon Diggs and Allen Robinson. Those are really the only two players that you can hang your hat on in this match up….both teams have just be decimated by injury and bad NFL playing. Once has to wonder what is going through the minds of these coaches as they watch their season slip away from them. Is it a desire to push on and make something of this season…or to start prepping for next year? This one is really a crapshoot as I can see going either way. But we have to decide and I see it going the way of Bring It. He’s got to find a way to win…because if he only wins once Brady comes back, I don’t think he’ll be able to handle the shame…..shame…..shame…..shame.

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!


With week 2 in the books, let’s take a look at who came away as champs and chumps in those matchups:

WDE Rumble Week 2 Award Winners:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers Award (Most Points scored): Family Owned
  • Ryan Lochte Award (Most points but lost): Nashville Ninjas
  • Simone Manuel Award (Fewest points but won): ATLiens Rises
  • US Olympics Women’s Basketball Award (Largest Margin of victory): Family Owned

Now with that out of the way, Week 2 presented a potential return to the average and a potential view of what the season might hold for some of our big name teams. For the Owens brother, Week 2 meant a return back to what their teams are accustomed to doing – losing games. Both came out firing in week 1, but reality set in for week 2. The question becomes, will this reality continue in week 3? For a team like the Ninjas though – it’s starting to sink in…their team might not be very good this season. When you give up so much to climb up the mountain in one season, you might pay dearly in the next season….will this be a cautionary tale for teams that are currently looking at 0-2 (time to sale?) or 2-0 (time to buy using picks?). Week 3 is where both types of team start to separate from the rest of the pack – in one direction or another. Will the Owens get back to their winning ways or will the slide continue? Will teams like the Ninjas and Bring It find the will to win sometime this season? Week 3 is where the rubber meets the road…before the detour known as bye weeks arrive. This week we’re going to keep the storylines simple.

WDE Rumble Week 3 Storylines:

ATLiens Rises vs. Family Owned: It’s #1 vs. #1 for the right to be the man in this league (at least for the first part of the season). For Reid, this match represents an opportunity to stamp his dominance on the early part of the season. For Cory, this is a statement game to say the he should be taken seriously – and the family that drafts together, dominates together. The key player for ATLiens will definitely be their defense as Carolina gets to face an AP-less Minnesota offense. Stefon Diggs has proven for 2 weeks that he’s a force to be reckoned with, will the Carolina defense be that reckoning? For FO, the key player has to be Melvin Gordon. With Danny Woodhead out for the season, the SD backfield belong solely to Melvin…will he be able to take advantage of it to the benefit of Cory and his winning streak? This one is projected to be a little bit close – but will it actually end up being all that close? Probably not….as ATLiens starts the season 3-0 and sends Cory and his family into disarray.

WDESPN Prediction: ATLiens Rises

Clark Kent vs. The Footballas: It’s #2 vs. #2 for the right to be the right hand man to the man in this league (at least for the first part of the season). Both of these teams are coming off impressive wins over some legends of the league – and as they face off early in the season, they know that THIS is their Florida game (featuring 2 people who never went to Tennessee). A win here sets them up for long term success over the course of the season, while a loss will send either man crumbling into a spiral of depression….which isn’t good since both are dealing with newborns and need to keep a stiff upper lip for their families. For Clark Kent/Mike, he will be watching how quickly his pickup of Theo Riddick. With Ameer Abdullah on IR, Riddick is the man in Detroit – will he be able to translate that into consistent fantasy points or will someone else step in and vulture value away? For Todd, the way that CJ Anderson goes – so goes the Footballas. With Doug Martin now on the mend for a few weeks, it all comes down to CJ keeping up his amazing/rock solid RB1 pace. In previous years, the Cincy defense was one that should be feared…that has not been the case this year, but you know there’s no time to start like the present to start a new/old trend. These teams are pretty closely matched at the WR position, so it will come down to the RBs. Since this is the last week that he will get to enjoy the majesty that is DeAngelo Williams, we think that Mike will be able to trot out a better cast of RB characters then Todd – but this one might actually be a close game. It might be a game in which both teams try to find a way to lose…but Mike will come out the ultimate winner and go 3-0.

WDESPN Prediction: Clark Kent

Fear the Neckbeard vs. Nashville Ninjas: In a better run organization, we would have a research department that could tell us this…but we’re going to say: no team has ever gone 0-3 and made the playoffs. So this is really crunch time for the Ninjas…will they fade into obscurity this year and reload for 2017, or will they take a stand and start righting the ship this week? For the Ninjas, all eyes will be on Charles Sims. With Doug Martin out for a few weeks, Sims gets the opportunity to try his hand at being a lead back for the Bucs – what will he do with that opportunity? Jonas is hoping that it turns into a few monster performance – but going up against the Rams defense isn’t necessarily a recipe for fantasy gold. For Kyle and the Neckbeards, all eyes will be on Fozzy Whitaker as he takes over for the injured Jonathan Stewart. Everyone knows that Cam Newton is a great QB, but he also steals goal line carries from his RB…who just happens to be Fozzy this week. So Jonas will be cheering for Cam to run, run and run near the goal line while Kyle will be cursing up a storm when that actually happens. Kyle is also starting Derrick Henry – apparently hoping that the RB injury bug taps DeMarco this week and he’ll be the beneficiary during the actual week the injury happens. That’s just cold, Kyle. Cold! And for that coldness, we think that the Ninjas right the ship and get a W in the column to avoid the disastrous 0-3 start. If they can’t win here…when can they win? The Owens brothers are no longer the punching bags of the league.


WDESPN Prediction: Nashville Ninjas

WDE Rumble Week 1 Award Winners:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers Award (Most Points scored): The ATLiens Rises
  • Ryan Lochte Award (Most points but lost): The Mistocles
  • Simone Manuel Award (Fewest points but won): Texasseans
  • US Olympics Women’s Basketball Award (Largest Margin of victory): The ATLiens Rises

As is always the case, week 1 was full of surprising and thrilling performances from most of the Rumble teams. You had the ATLiens roar out to a dominate win over TheMistocles, you had BOTH Owen brothers winning their first game of the season and you had the Madden Curse work in its fastest time ever by taking out Gronk before Week 1 even got started. Now we move on to week 2, which is when the reality of the season starts to set in. There are only 3 options available to the teams as this week starts off: 2-0, 1-1 or 0-2. Which way will your season head?

The ATLiens Rises vs. Macheteros: So right now, Reid’s team is not only the points leader for the league but also looks like the most dominant force this league has ever seen. He’s got superstars at every position (the joy of having so many early draft picks) and just crushed his week 1 opponent – I think Mistocles just stopped crying on Tuesday. The question isn’t so much will Reid win this game, but how much will he win this game by? There’s an outside chance that Chris will be able to go toe to toe with Reid, but that chance is not only outside – it’s running away from the house in terror. For ATLiens, all eyes will be on Spencer Ware…he had a great week 1 performance and looked like an Elite RB1. Will he be able to pull off that same type of performance against a much better defense? Even though JJ Watt isn’t at 100%, JaDaveon Clowney was on a tear last week and could cause some havoc in the backfield for Mr. Ware.Will Spencer wear down in week 2 or prove that he’s a force to be reckoned with this season? On the Macheteros side, all eyes will be on Aaron Rodgers and how he performs against the underrated Minnesota defense. Rodgers has always had issues taking on a Mike Zimmer defense, and this one will be amped up as they are playing on Sunday night AND are opening up their new stadium. That place is going to be rocking – so it will be interesting to see if that rocking rattles Rodgers. The ATLiens should win this one fairly easily – Reid might not lose a game until the bye weeks happen and his depth is tested. We shall see – but not this week.

WDESPN Prediction: The ATLiens Rises

Orange Nation vs. The Footballas: Both teams are coming off impressive week 1 victories and looking to continue their momentum heading into the first bye weeks. For Joel, his week 1 victory over Jonas was just the confidence booster that he needed to know that he might actually be able to compete in this year’s Rumble. Taking down a legend like the Ninjas is no easy task, so Joel was so excited that he went on Facebook Live to let the world know (oh wait, he was preaching via FBLive? I’m sure he was preaching about his victory – what else is there to talk about?). But now Orange Nation/Joel needs to prove that he’s not a one week wonder and build on that great win. On the other side of the ball, you have The Footballas/Todd who crushed his week 1 opponent like a grape and is looking to continue that dominant performance this week. Both teams will have their eyes on the Bengals vs. Steelers match up as Orange Nation has Antonio Brown and The Footballas has Ben Roethlisberger. As proven on MNF last week, Antonio Brown is the unquestioned #1 WR in the NFL at the moment – but someone has to throw him the ball. Both coaches are hoping for a great performance from their Steeler, it’s just a matter of who will step up more. In addition, Orange Nation is also hoping for another solid performance from their $100 man, Von Miller against Andrew Luck. The funny thing about Von Miller this week, is that in order for Von Miller to get alot of points – he needs to get sacks. Which means sacking Andrew Luck. Which means hurting his brother’s (Phil/Texasseans) chance of winning this week. Does fantasy trump brotherly love? We shall see. But for us, this might be a close one but we think that Orange Nation has a really good chance of going 2-0 to start the season…which I believe is a sign of the apocalypse. Need to jump on Facebook Live and let the world know!

WDESPN Prediction: Orange Nation

Texasseans vs. Family Owned: Another battle of 1-0 teams which will probably also be another close game. Both of these teams beat week 1 opponents that couldn’t even crack 160 points for the week – so this match up should be alot more equal compared to last week. For the Texasseans, this is a chance to show that even though beating the Outlaws is the highlight of their season every year, they are not a one trick/one win pony and can string together multiple wins. For Family Owned/Corey – he wants to show that a family that plays together, crushes other teams together. Should be an interesting one. The spotlight player for the Texasseans will be Andrew Luck. Last week, he looked pretty bad during the first part of their game against the Lions but came to life in the second half to put up 52 points last week. This week, Luck will have a much harder time against the vaunted Denver defense and Phil will need all the help he can get this week. For Orange Nation, all eyes will be on Philip Rivers to see how his team responds to the loss of Keenan Allen. Last year, once Allen went out it was pretty much a game of dominoes as other Chargers started going down with injuries left and right, leaving you with a decimated Chargers O-Line and very hurried QB in Rivers. Will history repeat itself?Unfortunately, I do believe so. Give us the Texasseans in a close one. Wow – both Owen brothers going 2-0?Seriously…sign of the apocalypse. 

WDESPN Prediction: Texasseans

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