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Week 4 version of 5 Good Minutes is up!


WDESPN Rumble 5 Good Minutes / Week 4 – Bring It


Coach: @JLApplegate

Q1) How does it feel to get that first win of the season under your belt? Were you nervous coming out of week 1?

It was nice to get that first win out of the way.  I’ll admit that I was a little nervous after week one.  If this team falls apart, it’s going to be a rough season. 

Q2) So you decided to ride the Vick train for week 2 and it paid off. How long do you think he will last this season?

I’ll keep playing him as long as he’s healthy, but I’m honestly not expecting him to make it to Luck’s bye week (week 8).  If he does that, I’ll be thrilled. 

Q3) With Trent Richardson traded to the Colts, what do you expect from him the rest of the season?

Room to run!  The biggest thing about him going to the Colts is that teams aren’t going to be able to load the box just to stop him or my other QB will start having big games.  Hopefully he and Luck will be able to bond quickly for lots of check-down passes. 

Q4) It’s Florida vs. Tennessee this Saturday – who you got?

Go Vols!

Q5) This week you play against the master of smack talk – The ATLiens. Do you have any words for the former champ?

Hello old friend. 

So we were looking over the team records in preparation of creating the storylines for Week 3, when we noticed something very odd in the record for the Footballas vs. ATLiens matchup from week 2.


Here is the recap for the original outcome of the game:

This is the recap that was originally posted on Tuesday. You can see that the Footballas win by 3.

This is the recap that was originally posted on Tuesday. You can see that the Footballas win by 3.

But sometime between Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon, the outcome for the ATLiens changed.

The ATLiens are now 1-1 instead of being 0-2, as of Thursday afternoon.

The ATLiens are now 1-1 instead of being 0-2, as of Thursday afternoon.

And now the official score for the Week 2 matchup between ATLiens and Footballas reads:

Now ATLiens has a 2 point victory over the Footballas instead of a loss.

Now ATLiens has a 2 point victory over the Footballas instead of a loss.

So what happened?

Apparently Brian Cushing wasn’t as awesome as first believed on Sunday. The stat correction gods did the following to poor Mr. Cushing:

Cushing loss the game for the Footballas

Cushing loss the game for the Footballas

So the Footballas won by 3 because of performance enhancements taken by Mr. Cushing and he was found out. So that’s how a 3 point victory becomes a 2 point loss and how Reid goes from looking down the barrel of 0-2 to having a semi breather at 1-1.

Fantasy: Trent Richardson  –via ScoreCenter (

When you get to week 2, that’s when the true face of the league starts to show itself. Alot of the week 1 awards were based off surprise performances – but week 2 is when things start to settle down and the true potential victors of the league start to emerge. In fact, the top award for this week goes to the team that most people believe should be the overall victor of the league this year….

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Man of Steel Award / Nashville Ninjas (266.81): As the old saying goes, “Don’t call it a comeback”. A week after putting up alot of points and losing – Coach Applegate motivated his team to not only rebound but rebound with a vengeance in Week 2 by achieving the newest standard of Juggernaut – breaking 250! The 266 point onslaught was led by the 3 of the 4 players highlighted in the storylines leading up to the game. Michael Vick, the backup that no one loved in the pre-season, put on a heck of a performance in his week 2 appearance coming away with 60 points and a better performance than that good for nothing slacker known as Aaron Rodgers. But Vick couldn’t pull off this performance by himself – he needed a little bit of help and got that from his guy, DeSean Jackson who came away with an additional 39 points. It was quite the offensive performance by the Ninjas with 4 of their major players scoring over 30 points…it’s kind of amazing the Ninjas didn’t break 300 points. But one has to wonder which team is the real Nashville Ninjas – the one that meekly lost last week or the one that easily demolished this week. I know I can’t wait to see what happens in week 3!

The Lone Ranger Award / Texasseans: You know it’s awesome when your entire team is firing on all cylinders and you scored over 200 points. You would think that would be an amazing accomplishment, right? A walk in the park to victory lane. Under normal circumstances it would be – if you also weren’t playing the number one scoring team that week. That’s exactly the buzzsaw that the Texasseans ran into this week. Scoring 30 more points than he did last week, with Aaron Rodgers (56) and the New England defense (51) leading the way, Phil had to be feeling good about his chances on Thursday night and was sick to his stomach by Sunday night. This quite possibly could go down as his best game of the season…and it resulted in a loss. What more can Phil do? I would say score 30 points higher next week but then that team might be the one that scores over 300 points in a week.

Joe Flacco Award / The Outlaws: A week after being the king of the mountain, the Outlaws are now barely climbing that same mountain. It wasn’t exactly a banner day for the commish as his shiny new toy of Eddie Lacy scored only .67 due to an illegal hit by Brandon Merriweather. Then he had to watch as James Stark stole the the amazing match up against the Washington Redskins. Then to add insult to injury, instead of playing the Dolphins against the Falcons – the commish went with the Eagles thinking that the defense would be able to benefit from the high pace of the offense. Not quite as the Eagles had 3 points of of a projected 29.87. But the main reason that the Outlaws are getting this award is because of the hard work by Macheteros. They picked up Julian Edelman and didn’t play him on Thursday night in the WR spot. If he had played  Edelman instead of Andre Roberts, Macheteros would have won this game by 1 point. Instead, they are now looking at a 0-2 start and the Outlaws are looking vulnerable after looking so awesome in week 1…just like Joe Flacco after the Super Bowl.

The Blackhawk Awards / Bring It!: One week after barely beating ATLiens. Bring It! unleashes their namesake on the poor Spartans team. You know, the team that the Outlaws said looked like the team to beat in the league this season. Well that statement isn’t looking so hot at the moment. Once again, Matty Ice came through for Coach Rowan giving him a clear advantage over that pretty boy known as Tom Brady and his uncatchable receiving corps. So for 2 weeks in a row, PRR has clearly had the better QB and that has clearly led to a better record than both of his opponents. The other differentiating factor for this week was also the play from their WR1 spot. Both Dez Bryant and AJ Green were selected in the second round but for this week – at least – only one truly lived up to that pedigree with Bryant gettin 30 points while AJ only got 8.73. So basically, the moral of the story is that the Spartan players should only play on Sunday afternoon…because the whole Thursday/Monday night thing isn’t working out so well. There were also two other punches to the guton the Spartans side that led to this demolition. The first was the non-contact injury to Ray Rice and since Bill doesn’t have Bernard Pierce on his team as of this moment, this could be a multi-week issue for the Spartans.The second punch came from the Seattle defense that just totally shutdown Anquan Boldin and the San Francisco defense. Richard Sherman brought a big stick and just beat down the 49ers and the Spartans with it this week. The more interesting question for teams facing the Spartans over the next few weeks: Who will they be facing? This is the list of injured and non-factor players on the Spartans squad right now: Ray Rice, Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski, Jonathan Franklin and they have an empty bench spot. It might be that teams that are facing the Spartans over the next few weeks will be highlighted here.

WDE Rumble 12 Week 3 Awards (Sponsored by The Proof Of Your Love music video by for KING & COUNTRY)

After 3 weeks, not a whole lot has been decided in this league.  Much like the NFL, our league has a lot of parity.  There’s only 1 team at 3-0 and 7 teams at 2-1.  Oh yeah, there’s also 3 teams at 0-3 and their coaches are starting to feel the pressure to not fall too far behind.  Week 3 of the 2012 Weekly Awards:


The Gold Standard Award (Highest scoring team of the week) = ATLiens Rises – After a 1 week absence for Coach Owen to lay a beating to Coach Stewart, the ATLiens jump back up to the top spot.  Lead by the amazing performance by Torrey Smith, Coach Jupin’s team finally gave Maddog the loss that we all expected would happen every week.  Coach Jupin took the week off from praising the Georgia boys, Ryan and Green, and took the opportunity to give a meaningful and powerful post game press conference speech.  I, for one, am glad he had the chance to share.  Now, let’s not give him too many of those chances!


Mikela Maroney is not impressed Award (Highest scoring team that lost) = Bring It! – This week is a prime example of why head-to-head scoring is so crazy.  Coach Rowan would have only lost to two teams in the league this week, but he just happened to be playing one of them.  Just like the award’s namesake, PRR is putting up huge numbers constantly, but he slipped up just enough this week to get beaten.  Coach, Mikela is not impressed.


Gabby Douglas Award (Lowest scoring team that won) = The Footballas – This is the other example of head-to-head scoring being crazy.  The Footballas would have only Beaten 2 teams in this league putting up only 123 points.  Good thing for him, The Outlaws have given up and decided to go partying with the real refs for a while.  Only one of Coach Stepp’s players got more points than his KICKER, but he somehow found a way to win.  That’s two weeks in a row that he’s gotten this award.  Let’s see if he can keep the magic going in honor of his beloved Cards did in their improbable World Series run last season.


The Avengers Award (Largest margin of victory) = ATLiens Rises – Coach Jupin won by almost as many points as The Outlaws scored.  That’s funny.  I know he wasn’t playing The Outlaws, but that’s still funny. The way The Footballas have been winning lately, ATLiens may have a chance to be right back here again next week.  Either that or Coach Stepp is sending his thugs down to the GA Dome to rough up Matty Ice so he can steal another one.

WDE Rumble 12 Week 1 Awards (Sponsored by Away From The World by Dave Matthews Band)


Week 1: Done.  Some of us are very happy about that fact, while others are frantically looking for trade partners and searching the waiver wire for potential season-saviors.  Week 1 saw some crazy high scoring with 2 teams already going juggernaut (do we need to redefine the term?!?!) and one other team very very close.  One rivalry game provided two of the awards this week, so we start there for Week 1 of the 2012 Weekly Awards:


The Gold Standard Award (Highest scoring team of the week) = ATLiens Rises – Coach Jupin was quick to call this a statement win and I have to believe him.  The Falcon fan was doing the Dirty Bird all weekend as he cheered on the Vols to victory and then watched Matt Ryan put up the most points of any player while leading his team to a huge win over the Commish.

Mikela Maroney is not impressed Award (Highest scoring team that lost) = The Outlaws – Coach Stewart took this loss exceptionally hard and took to bed-rest for Monday evening not even being able to watch his claim that AJ Green would be shut down on MNF.  The Outlaws would have only lost to 2 other teams this week, but that’s no consolation when you’re 0-1.


Gabby Douglas Award (Lowest scoring team that won) = MADDOG – What is happening?  MADDOG, the team that wasn’t supposed to win a game this whole season, starts out 1-0. Demaryius Thomas is seeing The Peyton Effect and looks to be this year’s Marvin Harrison/Reggie Wayne/Pierre Garcon who Peyton chooses to turn into a star.  Thomas more than doubled his projected points and lead his team to a victory making for a very very bad weekend for Coach Stepp.  Coach Stepp, are you even still with your team or have you abandoned them to run off to your tropical paradise while this media firestorm blows over?


The Avengers Award (Largest margin of victory) = Macheteros™ – Yes, Coach Scott, “SMOKED” is the correct term.  The Macheteros™ decided to turn on the heat and blow this one open early.  This matchup wasn’t close the whole time and the Spartans RBs decided they didn’t even want to bother and left early.  That’s a coaching issue that I’m sure Coach Scott is trying to fix.  Let’s see if the Brees/Jones tandem can keep The Macheteros™ rolling all season.