WDE Rumble 2K17: Week 6 Storylines (Sponsored by Blade Runner)

Posted: October 12, 2017 by marquesstewart in Storylines, WDE Rumble

It’s definitely been a busy few weeks since the last storylines went out – and boy has the world of fantasy football been turned on its head. Since the last time we did these recaps – the Jets won. They not only won – but they’re on a THREE game winning streak – while the Giants sit at 0-5? What kind of topsy turvy world is this? Since the last time these storylines came to you, the following players went on IR: JJ Watt, Greg Olsen, Darren Sproles, Brandon Marshall and OBJ. Oh yeah, and the bye weeks have started. So much change in so little time – but that’s what fantasy football is all about. So with that little preamble out of the way…let’s see what changes awaits us at the end of week 6.

Clark Kent vs. Texasseans [Rivalry]: Now there aren’t many things that Phil is good at – the list is actually to long to name. But one thing he is really good at is annoying the heck out of Mike – it’s like a spidey sense that he has…it’s really impressive. So even though Mike is in second place overall and at the top of the RAW division, he needs to watch out for scrappy Phil who just loves to collect wins he doesn’t actually deserve. It probably also doesn’t help that Phil is projected to win this match up – but let’s see who the key players are and make our own decision. For Phil, he has only one key player and that’s Tom Terrific. Even though Tom is dealing with a potential shoulder injury this week, any time he steps onto the field he’s a threat to drop 5 TDs on a team. And when the match up involves not only a division rival (the Jets) and who are…get this – ranked ABOVE the Patriots (because they have the same record, but fewer points against) you know it’s going to be a rough time for the Jets fans…can they weather the storm? Can Mike’s team weather the storm? For Clark Kent, the key player is Tarik Cohen…oh wait…he’s not in the lineup again? Sheesh – one might think that wasn’t a good spend of $88 dollars (but thanks for saving the rest of us some cash, Mike). Seriously, the key player for Mike’s team will be Fournette. The Jags basically want to pass the ball 3-4 times a game and run it 60 times. That plan has worked pretty well so far this season, so look for it to continue this week. But at the end of the day – who walks out with the win and the ability to badger the other with the score until the next time they meet? Unfortunately, it’s probably going to be a win for Phil and his ego will only grow larger.

WDESPN Prediction: Texasseans

Macheteros vs. Orange Nation: Last week one of these teams barely beat their opponent while the other comfortably rode to victory as defeat sank away last Monday night. Now both these teams stand at 3-2 and looking to solidify their place as a contender this season…who will come out on top? For Orange Nation, the player to watch will be Alvin Kamara. With the trade of Adrian Peterson – the pathway to fantasy relevance has expanded greatly for Kamara. The better question is – will he go through the door and become the fantasy stud that all Vol fans know that he is? Working further to his advantage is the fact that they will be in a dome – and you know how much Drew Brees loves his dome stadiums and the high points they come with? For Macheteros, their key player will be Devonte Freeman. After taking a week off to sunbath and improve his tan, Devonte is back and ready to take some names. He just better hope Tevin Coleman isn’t there to steal some TDs away from Freeman this season. According to Yahoo, this should be a blowout (and with D. Watson playing, it could be) but something tells me that Macheteros won’t be going down without a bigger fight this week. But lose he shall and Joel will continue his ascent back up the mountain of fantasy relevance.

WDESPN Prediction: Orange Nation

The Outlaws vs. The Footballas: One of these teams is coming off an impressive victory over one of the top 5 teams in the league, while the other is riding a 3 game losing streak and just loss their top WR and IDP – so good times all around! This one is a gut check for both teams as they try to navigate the tricky combination of bye weeks and injuries. For the Outlaws, the player to watch will be DeAndre Hopkins. In the wake of the OBJ loss, it’s time for Hopkins to continue stepping up in a big way – especially against a Cleveland secondary that he should be able to run circles around with ease. The Browns are bringing to Houston their 19th ranked pass defense and a whole bunch of moxy – neither one should be able to contain Hopkins as he proves that OBJ wasn’t the only elite WR on the Outlaws this year. For The Footballas, Antonio Brown is the player to watch as he has one of worst QBs in the league throwing at him – Ben Roethlisberger. Will this be the game that Big Ben gets right and feeds AB the ball in the end zone? Or will this be another PPR buffett as Antonio racks up the points but doesn’t have an actual monster game. This should be an interesting one because currently The Outlaws are projected to win by 40 points and Todd has no backup QB for Dak Prescott. This should definitely be a get right game for the Outlaws…if they don’t get right in this one, they might want to consider getting out of fantasy sports all together.

WDESPN Prediction: The Outlaws

Other Predictions:

Bring It over The Mistocles

Family Owned over Fear the Neckbeard

Nashville Ninjas over Bye Week

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