WDE Rumble Week 2 Awards & Week 3 Storylines (Sponsored by Amazon Prime)

Posted: September 23, 2017 by marquesstewart in Fantasy Footbal, Storylines

It has been a very strange 2 weeks of the NFL – some say it’s because of bad play on the field, others are just thinking that it will take a while for the offenses (and the explosive scoring) to get back on track. Either way – we honor those who fought hard and bravely to walk away with a little bit of fantasy gold in week 2:

Team with the most overall points for the week = The New England Patriots Award

Clark Kent:When you’ve got 3 players going over 30 points – it’s pretty easy to walk away with this award. But it’s interesting how things can change from week to week in this league – in week 1, Mike’s team barely broke 170…the next week they explode to almost go juggernaut. That’s a huge swing in points.

Team with the largest margin of victory = The Golden State Award

Clark Kent: Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend, but last week the winner of this award

also faced off against FTNB and just crushed them. The same goes this week – they could conceivably be the NY Jets of the Rumble this season. But you know what they say “It’s a rebuilding year”

Team with the most points but lost = The Alabama Award

Texasseans: Your team is probably a little bit cursed/a little bit unlucky when you have Tom Terrific scoring over 50 points and Michael Crabtree comes away with the hat trick TDs, and you still end up losing. You might be unlucky – or you might be experiencing the Madden Curse!

Team with the fewest points but won = The Sloane Stephens Award

Orange Nation: With the loss of David Johnson, we were expecting Orange Nation to just start racking up L’s from now until the end of the season. But this team shocked the world by beating The Footballas who was projected to beat Joel by 20+ points. Oh, the power of pastors!

Now let’s look forward to week 3 – a week of change as we have our first London game of the season AND Thursday Night Football makes it debut on Amazon Prime.

The Outlaws vs. Family Owned: If you want to talk about a team that’s been extremely lucky these past 2 weeks, look no further than the Outlaws. They’ve had a Monday night miracle 2 weeks in a row to steal victory from the jaws of defeat. Will that luck continue in week 3? For the commishes team, it will all come down to whether or not Gronk plays in Week 3 – he was such a huge difference maker (as expected) but couldn’t finish the game last week and now the commish is at the mercy of Coach Belichick and his mind games when it comes to football preparation. If Gronk goes – this could wind up being a compelling match up between two 2-0 teams. On the other side of the equation – Corey has but one question: Which Dez is going to show up on Monday night? He’ll be going up against Patrick Peterson on Primetime – not exactly a recipe for success and explosive plays. But if there’s one guy who could possibly put an end to the Outlaws Monday night hijinks, it would be Dez. While the expected spread is about 28 points, these games have ended up being alot closer than projected due to the low scoring by some teams. Unfortunately, one of these teams will walk away with their first L of the season….and we believe that will be going to the Outlaws as their magical undefeated run comes crashing back to earth.

WDESPN Prediction: Family Owned

Bring It! Vs. Orange Nation: It’s the man who would be king vs. the current king of the Rumble. With his collection of MVP quarterbacks, PRR has pretty much been rolling over teams this season with a weekly projection of over 200 points. So there’s no question about the QB position – there is a question about the RB position, though. Not about whether Zeke will play, but whether or not he will stay in the game mentally if things go south against Arizona like they did last week in Denver. The gravy train came to an abrupt stop against one of the elite defenses of the league – and now Zeke is going up against an Arizona defense that’s held two leading RBs to just 76 yards on 29 carries so far this season. Oh, and they’re on primetime. For Orange Nation, without David Johnson in the house – they’re just glad to be fielding an almost competitive team. The player to watch for Orange Nation will be TY Hilton going up against the Cleveland defense. Under normal circumstances, this would be a game that got you really excited because you had a feeling TY would at least get 100 yards and maybe a score. But with Jacoby at the helm, Joel will be lucky if TY scores over 10 points this game. This one is setting up to be a bloodbath – and possibly the first (of many) times this season Bring It brings the pain to their opponent of the week.

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!

Clark Kent vs. Nashville Ninjas [Rivalry]: Mike has somehow found a way to win in the first two weeks of the season – but if there’s one person (not named Phil) that has his number, it’s the co-commish: Jonas Applegate. While Jonas does have a L in his record, you can never count that lucky bastard out of anything – and they’re projected to have the most points this week as well. For Mike’s team, the question is – where is Tarik Cohen??? But for real, the player to watch will be Davante Adams. With Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb potentially hurt for this game, it could be a big one for Adams to step up into and repeat his performance from last week. On the Ninjas side of the equation, all eyes will be on Christian McCaffrey. After being one of the first rookies taken during this years draft, it’s a legit question to ask if he’s lived up to the hype so far. With less than 10 points in 2 weeks, I would think the answer is no. But will this be the game that McCaffrey finally introduces himself to the world during the regular season? All the experts are expecting it – which probably means it won’t happen…but hey, hope springs eternal right? Even though Yahoo is predicting a 25+ point differential – you just know it’s either going to be a close game OR it’s going to be a blowout. These two teams know no other way to operate. Despite what was said at the beginning – we think that Mike finds a way and continues his undefeated streak to start the season. If he does win this game, one has to wonder…did Mike just pick up Terik Cohen as a lucky charm and has no intention of ever playing him??? He’s wiley like that (or cheaty like that…he does live in Massachusetts, where all the best cheaters live).

WDESPN Prediction: Clark Kent

Other Games:

Macheteros over Fear the Neckbeard

Texasseans over ATLien Rises

The Footballas over TheMistocles

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