WDE Rumble Week 1 Awards & Week 2 Storylines (Sponsored by IT)

Posted: September 14, 2017 by marquesstewart in Fantasy Footbal, Storylines

Before jumping into the first week of all teams playing (thanks Irma), let’s take a look back at our awards winner from a crazy (performance wise) week 1:

Team with the most overall points for the week = The New England Patriots Award

Winner: Nashville Ninjas / A pretty well round victory for this crew – except for that pesky #1 pick and Jonas’ love child known as Christian McCaffrey. If this team can get it’s act together, they might be able to go places.

Team with the largest margin of victory = The Golden State Award

Winner: Nashville NInjas / This is more thanks to FTNB rather than the Ninjas. When you’ve got a player that gives you -9 points and no one on your team scores more than 20 points…you’re going to be helping teams get this award alot.

Team with the most points but lost = The Alabama Award

Winner: The Footballas / This team got a nice surprise in the form of Mike Gillislee’s performance on Thursday night…unfortunately that same night Tyreek Hill had an awesome game as well. If you want to add insult to injury, PRR beat Todd with one player on a bye. Just shameful.

Team with the fewest points but won = The Sloane Stephens Award

Winner: Family Owned / Amazingly enough this was a close game going into MNF – but thanks to the decent work of Drew Brees and the hardwork of Melvin Gordon, they were able to squeeze out a 13 point victory. Hopefully this isn’t the ceiling for both teams or it’s going to be a long season.

Now onto week 2 – where all the overpaying for players in week 1 either looks like fools good or the greatest decision certains teams have made to save their fantasy season (looking at you FTNB and Clark Kent).

Bring It! Vs. Nashville Ninjas [Rivalry]: It’s the team that cashed in the most draft picks this season vs. last week’s juggernaut team. It’s not to often you see a team that put up over 200 points last week as an underdog in week 2 (when there are no byes) but when you have the squad that PRR has – everyone else gets a little bit nervous. Now that PRR is fully invested in the Kansas offense, the player to watch is Kareem Hunt. He blew onto the scene in week 1 against the Patriots defense – but will he be able to make lightning strike twice (or multiple times) this season? The rookie sensation has everyone’s attention now – can he live up to his own hype? As for the Ninjas, they have their own rookie sensation that they hope will explode onto the scene in week 2. Christian McCaffrey had a solid – but unspectacular – week 1. It wasn’t anything to write home about – maybe a short text, but not a full letter – and to combat the awesomeness that is Kareem Hunt, McCaffrey and company are going to need to bring their A+ game to have a chance in this one. For some reason, I think this is going to be a closer match up than it looks on paper – but how can you bet against a team that has Rodgers, Zeke and Hunt? You can’t!

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!

Clark Kent vs. Fear the Neckbeard: What is being dubbed the FAAB bowl, the two teams that spent the most on week 1 performers meetup in week 2 to determine who made the better business decision. Let’s start with the big spender – FTNB. He spent his entire FAAB budget on Alex Smith based on his week 1 performance. Now this decision was obviously made because Andrew Luck looks like he’s going to be out for at least the next few week and Andy Dalton was a human sack machine in week 1…so had to go the 4 QB route. But by spending that much money on Alex Smith, Kyle can not drop him for any reason….if he were to get hurt but not placed on IR, I think he would still need to keep him on his roster to justify the cost. So the question for Kyle is was Week 1 Alex Smith a mirage or the real deal? It could be the real deal – Matt Ryan took a leap in his performance last year after years of mediocrity….but if it’s not, this is going to be a painful season for Kyle. For Clark Kent, their investment in Tarik Cohen might just define their season. Last season, ATLiens picked up Spencer Ware as a Free Agent and it transformed his season (coincidentally, he let Matt Ryan go in that deal which ended up helping the Outlaws tremendously)…could the same thing happen with Tarik Cohen this season? Possibly, but there was one key difference between Cohen and Ware from last year – Ware became the bell cow back for the Chiefs, Cohen isn’t built for that kind of work. Will his Darren Sproles like ability translate into fantasy gold? Here’s hoping – but as of this writing, Mike doesn’t believe so. He’s got Cohen on the bench….oh ye of little faith. Right now, Yahoo is predicting a win for Mike – and going up against a team that’s starting an Indianapolis WR that’s not being thrown to by Andrew Luck (oh the double irony), this one could be another blood bath for FTNB. He’s truly in suck for luck mode.

WDESPN Prediction: Clark Kent

Texasseans vs. Family Owned: These two teams are pretty evenly matched which is why they both have a 50/50 shot of winning this match up. They are both starting elite QBs in their QB1 spot – so where do you find the difference at? With Texasseans, they will be hoping for another solid game for Jordan Howard – who had some of his lightning stolen last week by Tarik Cohen. Can he reestablish himself as the true all around RB1 that the Bears need or will Mike once again ride on the coattails of Phil? For Family Owned, they’re rolling with Blake Bortles and hoping that the Bortles of last week is the floor for this season…he had a solid, but not spectacular week 1. Losing your WR1 for the season isn’t exactly a recipe for long term success, but you never know what the family can pull off. It would be interesting if such a close game came down t the kickers….Mason Crosby didn’t have alot of work last week because of the defensive battle the Packers were in and Vinateri missed a FG and XP. Don’t be surprised if that happens with these closely matched teams. So who walks away with the victory? Gotta give the W to the team with 1) Angry Tom Brady 2) Going up against the Saints defense that made Sam Bradford look like an MVP candidate.

WDESPN Prediction: Texasseans

Other matchups:

Outlaws overs ATLiens Rises

Macheteros over TheMistocles

The Footballas over Orange Nation

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