WDE Rumble Storylines 2K17: Week 1 (Sponsored by Madden 18)

Posted: September 2, 2017 by marquesstewart in Storylines, WDE Rumble

It’s that time once again – where the greatest fantasy football minds in all the land (plus Mistocles autodrafted team) come together to determine who is the ultimate fantasy football champion. This year has been turned on it’s head with the addition of the Superflex position – with QBs going early then they ever have at any point in the history of the Rumble (and going deeper than it ever has in the Rumble – the fact that Deshone Kizer is on a Rumble roster is just astonishing). Will Joel be able to define his crown with the help of his boy David Johnson? Will this be the year that PRR finally hoists the national championship trophy instead of his customary conference championship? It all starts on Thursday – but this is where layout the tape and tell you exactly what’s going to happen! (In the words of a semi-famous fantasy football writer, “You heard me!”)

Orange Nation vs. Clark Kent [Rivalry]: What a way to kick off your championship defense by taking on a fellow Morristown native and the team that Joel faced off with to actually win it all. How will the unlikeliest champion in Rumble history start off the 2017 season? With with the #1 overall pick, Joel was able to get his bell cow back in David Johnson…but outside of that pick, there are ALOT of questions: Will Luck be ready week 1 (and thus save the fantasy value of TY Hilton)? Will Cam be back to this 2015 self and lead to fantasy gold (alongside boy wonder, Kelvin Benjamin)? Why in the world does Joel have Derrick Henry – a backup – as his RB2 in week 1….is David Johnson supposed to score enough points for both of them? Will Joel’s theft of Eric Berry from Jonas actually pay off, or will the team be forever cursed until Eric is on his rightful Rumble team? As for Mike, the questions are a bit simpler: Will David Carr bounce back to his end of season form or will he collapse under the pressure of high expectations? Will Mike’s investment in 2 rookie running backs (Fournette and Cook) pay off in week 1 or is this a long term play? The player to watch on Mike’s team is Fournette. During the off season, Doug Marrone clearly stated that he did not want Blake Bortles throwing the ball – if this is even semi accurate, it could mean a huge season for Fournette. The question is – can his body hold up to that kind of work load and the first time we might see that heavy of a workload is in week 1. For Joel, the player to watch is TY Hilton. With Andrew Luck possibly not playing in week 1, how will Scott Tolzien get him the ball? Via UPS or Fedex? It’s going to be an interesting first match up between these two long time rivals but even though Yahoo is projecting Orange Nation to win, the deck just feels more stack in the favor of Clark Kent – so he gets our nod to avenge his Rumble Championship loss…because I’m sure it will take the sting away.

WDESPN Prediction: Clark Kent

Bring It! Vs. The Footballas: Is this the year? With the inclusion of the Superflex position, PRR used his extra picks in this years draft to get the jump on the QB position by draft both Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers. While this whole 2QB thing may be a fun little daliance for everyone in the league, PRR views this as an opportunity to get a decidedly major advantage over everyone else in the league and potentially crush teams week after week. The catch to this is – week 1 has sometimes been a down week for elite QBs because the teams are just starting to get adjusted to the speed of football, so if ever there was a week where PRR would be vulnerable, it’s week 1. On the other side of the coin, you’ve got The Footballas who put together a conventional team and hopes to win on their brain and good looks. For the Footballas, the player to watch will be Dak Prescott. Last season, the rookie took the league by storm and was an amazing waiver wire find for a good portion of the season. Now that Romo is out of the building and there’s a good amount of tape on the kid – what does the Dak experience look like in year 2? It could lead to amazing new heights or come crashing down like so many year 2 QBs. For PRR, the player to watch is Tyreek Hill. Hill is a amazing and unique talent that could do damage all over the field…with a QB that could actually get him the ball all over the field. But instead, he has Alex Smith throwing him the ball – which pretty much limits his upside. If there’s a weak link in this perfect chain of dominance from PRR, this is it. But after looking at everything and all the data that was crunched to provide this analysis, I think we’ll have to give the win to Bring It! as  he begins his potential year of dominance.

WDESPN Prediction: Bring It!

Family Owned vs. ATLiens Rises: It’s not to often when you see a team that was one of the top 4 teams in the final standings last year go into a complete rebuilding mode, but that’s exactly what we’re seeing this season with the ATLiens Rises. Apparently, they already rose and are ready to be deflated so that they can bounce back next year with accumulated draft picks. While Reid does not have a terrible team – it’s a team that doesn’t really have alot of exciting parts upon first glance. The player to watch will be Devante Parker – he’s been called a younger version of Alshon Jeffrey by Cutler, and we all know you can count on the word of Jay Cutler to get you through tough times. On the flip side of things, you have Family Owned who looks to be in a similar boat to PRR – invested in some good/decent QB work to help them navigate this new fantasy landscape. The player to watch on Cory’s team will be Melvin Gordon – while he did bounce back last year and have a pretty good fantasy season, the question now becomes – which season was the real Melvin Gordon? Last year of the year before when he was an unquestioned fantasy bust. While we don’t think that he will be a bust like he was 2 years ago, you know all the bright lights of Hollywood would have some affect on the performance of all the players now located in Los Angeles (nevermind the American carnage that would take place when a team finally arrives in Las Vegas proper). While Yahoo is giving this one to Cory pretty much without a fight, I don’t think it will be that easy. I don’t know how, but I just have a feeling that week 1 will make Reid look smarter than he actually is. But in the end, Cory will walk away with the W and a pretty good art to the fantasy season…while Reid continues his rebuilding project.

WDESPN Prediction: Family Owned

Other Projections:

Macheteros over The Outlaws [Rivalry]

Fear the Neckbeard over Nashville Ninjas

Texasseans over Mistocles

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