WDE Rumble 2016: Championship Week (Sponsored by Mr Flame’s Economic Class in the Hague)

Posted: December 22, 2016 by marquesstewart in Storylines, Uncategorized, WDE Rumble

Well here we are – the last week of the fantasy football season. Congrats to Mike and Joel for climbing the mountain to get to this point. You have both battled through some very tough competition the last 2 weeks – but now it all comes down to this moment. For the teams that sold their soul to potentially be in this spot (i.e. Kyle and Reid), this match up is a crushing reminder that you can’t buy your way into the fantasy championship…you need to earn it (with a little bit of stat correction luck). Now with that overview out of the way…let’s take a look at this Morristown Classic Finale.

#1 Clark Kent vs. #4 Orange Nation: If you would have told me at the start of the season that an Owen was going to be in the fantasy championship, I would have put my money on Phil. Joel has just not shown that killer instinct that it takes to get to the promise land – but 2016 has been a year of upsets. Since joining the league in 2009, this is only the third time that Orange Nation/Joel has made the playoffs and the first time that they have made it to the championship match up. For Mike, he’s been here before – all the way back in 2011, Mike found a way to not only make it to the championship match up – but come away with the gold. But this year is different – this year the winner of this match up will walk away with the newly coveted WDE Rumble Fantasy Football Trophy. To be the first is always special – it’s only a question of who will be able to close the deal on this Christmas weekend? Let’s dive in. With both teams coming in as 200+ points favorites, this has the potential to be one of the highest scoring fantasy championships of all time. But if the last few weeks have told us anything, you can’t believe the projections. For Mike, the player to watch will be Matthew Stafford. After getting snubbed for a Pro Bowl slot, will Stafford come out on primetime and show everyone just the type of high level caliber talent that he actually is? It’s going to be an interesting night for Mike as he roots for both offensives to have an explosive night (Zeke going wild against the Detroit defense). On the flip side, you have Orange Nation that will be relying on the servers of David Johnson once again to deliver him to the promise land. It’s ironic that the best draft pick that Joel made this year – was a choice from 2015. David Johnson has been nothing short of spectacular this season and is definitely the engine the drives the Orange Nation train – but he faces his toughest test of the season as he goes up against the Seahawks at home. The last time Johnson faced off against the Seahawks, he scored 23+ points – you know, about average. If Joel does win the championship, he will owe it all to David Johnson and the spectacular season that he’s having. So with all that being said – who’s walking away with the trophy? We want to believe that Clark Kent can bring home the gold and keep it in the grasp of the Championship Alumni – but Orange Nation seems like a team of destiny. Everything is going their way….including the new WDE Rumble Championship.

WDESPN Prediction: Orange Nation

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