WDE Rumble 2016: Week 7&8 Awards + Week 9 Storylines (Sponsored by Marvel’s Doctor Strange)

Posted: November 17, 2016 by marquesstewart in Uncategorized

Including this week, there are 3 more weeks left in the fantasy football regular season. It’s gone by quickly and slowly at the same time – we haven’t had nearly as many devastating injuries as we had last season and yet somehow things are fairly tight as we go into the homestretch. Only one team has wrapped up their spot in the playoffs, but everyone else is still legitimately in this thing. Before we dive into the last bye week of the season – let’s take a look back at our award winners from previous weeks:

WDE Rumble Week 9 Award Winners:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers Award (Most Points scored): Clark Kent
  • Ryan Lochte Award (Most points but lost): Fear the Neckbeard
  • Simone Manuel Award (Fewest points but won):Family Owned
  • US Olympics Women’s Basketball Award (Largest Margin of victory): Orange Nation

WDE Rumble Week 10 Award Winners:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers Award (Most Points scored): The Mistocles
  • Ryan Lochte Award (Most points but lost): The Outlaws
  • Simone Manuel Award (Fewest points but won):Nashville Ninjas
  • US Olympics Women’s Basketball Award (Largest Margin of victory): The Mistocles

Now with history behind us, let us look forward to some of the prime matches that await us this weekend:

Bring It vs. Fear the Neckbeard [Rivalry]: This match up is interesting from the perspective that Phillip and Kyle have been the best of buds when it comes to trading players this season. Whether it’s trading Tom Brady or Eric Kendricks, these two definitely are keeping their best trades within the Warner Robins family. But now the must face off again for the second time this year – will the result be pretty similar to their week 2 match up? A win for Bring It keeps his playoffs hopes alive for at least one more win, while a win for FTB solidifies their spot in the playoffs and potentially pushes them up to a higher seed. Both teams have something to play for (besides trading draft picks) which should make for a pretty exciting game. The player to watch in this game for PRR will be Joe Flacco – Mr. Erratic himself. He will be going up against the Dallas defense that has been pretty solid this year, but Flacco can give you an amazing performance or he can flutter it all away in the blink of an eye. He hasn’t had a game over 35 points this year, but miracles always abound in Big D. For FTB, the player to watch will be Todd Gurley. Not so much for his play, but for the play of his QB which will affect his ability to run. In the past 2 weeks, Gurley has not scored more than 10 fantasy points…10! And putting a rookie QB in against a surging Miami defense doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. But if there’s one player (not named Ezekiel Elliot) that could overcome such a disadvantage, it would be Todd Gurley. While Yahoo is predicting a decently close game, they are underestimating Tom Brady going up against the woefully inadequate 49ers defense. It will be a miracle if they can keep Brady under 50 fantasy points this weekend. And because of that one choice – we believe that FTB will crush Bring It! In an unforgiving way. Hopefully they can still be friends after it’s all said and done…hopefully.

WDESPN Prediction: Fear The Neckbeard

Macheteros vs. The Mistocles: This is quite possibly a loser go home match. Both teams are hanging on by just the thinnest of of shreds and only 2 games separate them. Macheteros has beaten no team in their division while TheMistocles has only beaten 1…this one has the potential to be both tight and ugly at the same time. For Machteros, the player to watch will be Cameron Meredith. With the sudden suspension to Alshon Jefferey, it thrusts Cameron into the spotlight once again. Early in the year, he burst onto the scene with 2 20+ point games…but since then, it’s been nothing but disappointment after disappointment until last week. While we might guess that Jay Cutler will throw his Alshon balls to Cameron, Cutler is nothing if not unpredictable. Going up against the Giants that has a defense pass defense, it could be a very interesting game for the undrafted rookie. For TheMistocles, the player to watch will be Doug Baldwin. Last week, on primetime he went off by catching 3 TDs. Could this be the restart of the fantasy run that Wilson and Baldwin went on last year that almost lead teams to fantasy gold? Maurice is definitely hoping that’s the case after Baldwin just decimated his lovely Patriots last Sunday night. As of right now, Yahoo is expecting this to be a pretty close game – but we don’t think it will be. One of these teams will disappoint and not leave up to their scoring potential…who will it be? (it’s going to be Chris/Macheteros).

WDESPN Prediction: The Mistocles

Family Owned vs. The Outlaws: Both of these teams are in the very thick of the playoff race, sitting at the 5 and 6 spot. Last week, the Outlaws couldn’t get the job done against the number 4 team in the league – will they fall prey to the same issue again this week (i.e. players that are allergic to touchdowns)? Under normal circumstances, both of these teams would be putting out their best to take the other down…but bye weeks are a strange mistress. Cory will be coming into this match up missing his QB1, RB1, K1 and D1 – that’s alot of ones to be missing when going up against the Outlaws. So basically every other player is going to be interesting for Family Owned because they have alot of ground to make up if Cory doesn’t make some add/drops before Sunday. For The Outlaws, the player to watch is Jay Ajayi. After his 3 monster weeks of points – he came back to earth a little bit with a sub 10 points agam (thanks to the touchdown vulturing of Damien Williams). But this week, Jay can get his groove going again by taking down the hapless Rams. The coaching staff knows that this should be a business trip to Los Angeles and utilize Jay quite a bit – will it result in a monster game for the Miami wonder? It’s definitely not going to be easy – because nothing this season has been, but The Outlaws should be able to sneak away with a W in this match thanks to having a fully stocked roster – ready for the bye week. 🙂

WDESPN Prediction: The Outlaws

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