WDE Rumble 2016: Week 4 Awards & Week 5 Storylines (Sponsored by Marvel’s Luke Cage)

Posted: October 8, 2016 by marquesstewart in Awards, Storylines, Uncategorized, WDE Rumble

Before we can appreciate the awesomeness that is Week 5 and the first bye week of the year with multiple people out, let’s take a look back at the carnage and glory that was dispatched in week 4:

WDE Rumble Week 4 Award Winners:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers Award (Most Points scored): The Footballas
  • Ryan Lochte Award (Most points but lost): Family Owned
  • Simone Manuel Award (Fewest points but won):Bring It!
  • US Olympics Women’s Basketball Award (Largest Margin of victory): Fear the Neckbeard

Week 4 featured the first bye week of the season and it wasn’t so bad, only 2 teams were out of commission. Now 4 teams are on a bye and only 3 of them have multiple players that people care about in the land of fantasy. But with week 5 comes the true nature of the league and how well people have drafted and played the waiver wire over the course of the last few weeks. As the season starts to take shape, some are looking up wondering what it will take to get out of the cellar and some are wondering what unexpected player is going to knock them down from their perch. The competition is getting both fierce for the upper tier players and tougher for the lower tier players – but on any given Sunday the script can flip. Will this be the Sunday where it flips for you?

Clark Kent vs. Texasseans:The man who would be king vs. the man who has given up on this season. This one should be interesting because Phil is known for playing spoiler for people that he has a slight rivalry to. And we all know that the rivalry between these two runs deep – all the way back to their days in Morristown. The player to watch for Mike (Clark Kent) will be Demaryius Thomas. There are days in which he can be a no-brainer WR1 and bring the championship home and there are days when he is a frustrating WR3 and can sink your fantasy hopes and dreams. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what the level of the opponent is – D.Thomas can easily develop a case of dropped ball-itis. On the other side, the player to watch for the Texasseans will be Alshon Jeffery. With no Kevin White on the scene, it’s going to be all AJ all the time going up against an easily beaten Indy defense. The main challenge will be health and QB – Alshon is not guaranteed to make it through any game healthy and Brian Hoyer is not a QB that’s going to lift any WR to victory on a consistent basis. But hey – he’s better than Cutler, that’s for sure. Honestly, this match up shouldn’t even be all that close. Clark Kent should roll on and keep their undefeated streak alive. I remember the last time Mike went on an impressive undefeated streak….it didn’t result in him winning the championship, and that’s what matters.

WDESPN Prediction: Clark Kent

Bring It vs. TheMistocles: Now at this point, we would normally not be focusing on a 1-3 match up because they are typically featuring two teams that are struggling to get by. But the reason for highlighting this match is because….he’s back! Tom “Terrific” Brady makes his 2017 season debut going up against the hapless Cleveland Browns. There’s a chance that Brady may score more points then all all TheMistocles players combined. In addition, this might be the week that Eddie Lacy and Todd Gurley get off the snide and start making PRR’s team look respectable again. On the other side, you have Maurice and TheMistocles who will do their best to get a piece of that Brady pie by rolling out Chris Hogan, Lagarette Blount and the New England defense. All they are missing to complete the set is Gronk and Brady. At least as Maurice watches the game and watches Brady score, it will be the source of both pain and joy. There’s no need to labor this point any further, Bring It! Is going to rock the world of TheMistocles and PRR’s going to feel dirty about it at the same time. So really, it’s a win-win for all involved (except Maurice….poor poor Maurice).

WDESPN Prediction: BringIt! (how’s he going to sleep when he owes his victory to the man he hates?)

Fear the Neckbeard vs. Family Owned: These two teams are coming into this week off a 200+ point performance in week 4…but two very different results. FTB scored over 200 points last week and came away with the victory over the hapless Mistocles franchise, while Family Owned scored over 200 points and was crushed by the might of the Footballas. One team will be looking to keep the roll going while the other will be looking to regain the momentum they lost last week. For Family Owned, the player to watch will be the Denver defense. Crazy, right? But they are going up against the number 1 player in fantasy right now in Matt Ryan. Everyone had their doubts about Matty Ice last week against Carolina and he blew those doubters out of the water. This week brings the question of is this legit or just a mirage? The Denver defense has not scored less than 30 points since the start of the season and they’ve faced the likes of Newton, Luck, Dalton and Winston in that span…on the other hand, Atlanta has given up the 4th fewest fantasy points to defenses this season. So something has to give. For FTB, the key player to watch will be Julian Edelman. With Brady back in the lineup, will that vault Edelman back up to the PPR monster that he has been in previous seasons? Due to the performance of the backup QBs to start the season, each week Edelman has scored fewer and fewer points. Is a new day upon us with the Brady “Gronk You Tour” about to commence? Yahoo is predicting a 20 point difference in points, but I think this match up will actually be closer than that but you all know it’s going to come down to Monday Night…it just feels like that kind of game. As for our prediction.give us Family Owned to come  out on top and get the family momentum going again.

WDESPN Prediction: Family Owned

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