WDE Rumble 16: Weekly Awards Titles

Posted: September 8, 2016 by marquesstewart in Awards, Fantasy Footbal, WDE Rumble

With this being the year of the Olympics, Zika and the Cavaliers finally winning a championship – there were a lot of good things to choose from for the names of our weekly awards. But as always, there can be only 4. So without further adieu, here are the titles of the 4 weekly awards:

Most points scored during the week = The Cleveland Cavalier Award: In honor of the Cavs finally bringing a championship back to the city of Cleveland and doing it in such a dominant, never been done before fashion. Basically the Cavs said the Warriors “We’ll spot you 3 and still win”. If that’s not a Juggernaut worthy team, I don’t know what is.

Most points scored but lost = Ryan Lochte Award: When you have everything going your way – but you still end up falling short…not only as an athlete (living in the shadow of Phelps/the highest scoring winning total) but also as a person – this award is for you. Now no one in the league falls to the douche bag level that is Ryan Lochte, but to honor his embarrassing of his country and the human intelligence we name this award after him.

Fewest points scored but won = The Simone Manuel Award: When you try to do something that people find impossible, that’s the sign of a true competitor which is perfectly symbolized by the first black woman to win individual swim gold at the Olympics. When people stand on the side and say you can’t do that, you can’t win that game – I hope for a stat correction. You stand tall in your ability to overcome adversity and your opponent to bring home the actual Championship gold.

Largest Margin of Victory = The US Olympics Women’s Basketball team: When you’re just so dominant, that you make it look easy – that’s the perfect award for this kind of team. The team that wins this award not only beat their opponent, they pretty much curb stomped them and then said “Sir, may I have another next week?”. For the team that wins this award, it just serves as a gentle reminder that some teams are just better than others – and your team was the better one this week.

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