WDE Rumble 15: Week 3 Storylines (Sponsored by Carnival Cruise Lines)

Posted: September 25, 2015 by marquesstewart in Storylines
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Injuregeddon has hit almost every team in the league over the last 2 weeks…who knew that teams depth charts would be tested so early on! As the waiver wire has proven over that same period, certain people are trying to cobble together a team after suffering so many setbacks within a short period of time. But one team that is not suffering a setback – but is out kicking their coverage is Mike Williams, coach of Clark Kent. This past week Mike finally got married! It’s a good thing he had something positive to look forward to after the drubbing that Jonas put on his last weekend. So in honor of this momentous occasion, we start the storylines with his team and their one on one match up with the Great One.

Clark Kent vs. Bring It!: While this match up is pretty close from a point perspective, the most interesting match up will be at the QB position. Over the past 3 games (including last season), Andrew Luck has look very mortal and nearly the top QB that everyone expected him to be. While he has put up respectable numbers, Andrew’s luck appears to have run out for the time being. But this week, he’s going up against a team that he’s very comfortable with – the Tennessee Titans. Will that result in a return to Andrew’s former glory or will the Mariota affect bring him down a peg again? On the other side, Russell has been pretty much what he has always been – a good but not great fantasy QB. But this weekend he’ll be going up against the very banged up Chicago defense and offense – and he’s dealing with an upset Jimmy Graham. Could both of those things result in an offensive explosion from the Wisconsin grad? We actually think the answer is yes and somehow, some way the new husband pulls off the week 3 miracle.

WDESPN Prediction: Clark Kent (and PRR will consider that win his wedding gift)

Nashville Ninjas vs. The Footballas [Rivalry]: So you know how we said at the top that alot of teams were hit by the injury bug this past weekend? One team that is amazingly enough still healthy are the Ninjas and they have been using their healthy roster position to pretty much steamroll every team they have encountered so far. But Todd’s team may be able to at least make it look competitive…maybe. The players to watch in this game will be at the RB position as Todd is rolling out Lamar Miller and the NInjas are rolling out Melvin Gordon. Miller has been on the injury report all week long and is not a lock to play at all – in addition, he would be going up against the tough Buffalo run defense….so not exactly a recipe for great fantasy success when you’re going up against a dominant team like the Ninjas. On the other side of the equation, you have the star rookie RB of this past year’s draft who hasn’t broken over 10 points yet this season. Fortunately for Jonas – he’s built a good team around that weak piece and it’s paying off handsomely for him. Well this week, it continues to pay off handsomely for him as he adds Todd to his win column this week. The good thing for Todd is that – since he now lives out in the country – he can sit back in his rocking chair with his daughter and ponder what moves he needs to make to get revenge on Jonas in the playoffs. Sweet sweet revenge.

WDESPN Prediction: Nashville Ninjas

TheMistocles vs. The ATLien Rises: For the most part, the Mistocles coach – Maurice – is a pretty quiet guy. He’s got kind of a workman-like attitude when it comes to fantasy football: It clocks in on Sunday, sets his lineup, gets the W and clocks out. It’s a pretty nice way of living at the moment. This stability is probably what has led to his 2-0 start (oh yeah, and having a pissed off Tom Brady at your disposal isn’t to bad either). So the most interesting match up right now will be at the flex position for both teams – Maurice with Terrance Williams and Reid with the $70 man known as Matt Jones. Since this is coming out after the Thursday night game – yeah, ouch. That is not necessarily looking like money well spent – but the season is still young. For Maurice’s team, while Williams is healthy (for now, the Cowboys seem to have contracted a very bad case of the injuries) he’s now got Brandon Weeden throwing to him instead of Tony Romo. While Weeden is an ok player, he’s no Romo and it will be interesting to see if he can stretch the field enough to be a useful part of the fantasy world. These two teams are also dealing with the injury bug with their primary RBs as well – Carlos Hyde and CJ Anderson. Which one will actually suit up, play AND be productive this week? (Carlos only did it once, need to see it again for it to be a trend). I think the Tom Brady affect is just to much for Matty ice and company to overcome in week 3. But if Reid is lucky, he’ll have the highest losing score and get some of his FAAB money back….maybe.

WDESPN Prediction: TheMistocles

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