WDE Rumble 14 – Week 1 Storylines (Sponsored by iCloud)

Posted: September 2, 2014 by marquesstewart in Fantasy Footbal, Storylines, WDE Rumble

The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us – the official start of the NFL season. This means that it’s time to get your priorities straight and focus on the goal that matters over the next 3 months – the WDE Rumble Championship. The biggest change of the summer is the fact that the Spartans were replaced by TheMistocles, providing the Rumble with our first rookie in over 2 years.  According to the Yahoo draft grades, he had a mediocre draft – but that’s why you play the games. Week 1 is one of the most exciting weeks of the year as everyone is still mathematically alive and in the playoffs. So over the next 13 weeks, we will answer the question of whether or not Reid will be able to repeat as Champion under the hardest circumstances in Rumble history. Will PRR be able to climb to the top of the mountain again and claim his place in fantasy lore? Will theMistocles continue the tradition of amazing rookie performances in the Rumble?

All these questions and more will be answered starting on Thursday – but we still need to breakdown each game and give our opinion. So for Week 1, we will cover all the games being played this week. In the following weeks, we will only cover the 3 best games of the week. So as the saying goes – Let’s get it on!

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ATLiens vs. The Footballas: (FYI – for all official WDE purposes, Reid’s team will be referred to as ATLiens. They have now officially entered the ‘Washington Football Team’ territory with their current name.) A rematch of last year’s fantasy football championship, but the outcome could be very different this time around. On one side, you have the team known as the ATLiens who before the draft even started was declaring this a fire sale season. After having sold his team out last year, the pickings were slim with them getting their first pick in the 3rd round. While it did work out for them last year – resulting in a fantasy championship, this could be the year that they pay the piper in order to come back strong in 2015. Reid is relying on a bounce back year from his boy, Matty Ice, as well as expecting CJ Spiller/Ben Tate to remain healthy for a decent portion of the season. Those aren’t exactly encouraging players if you were trying to make a run for it – but the only thing Reid is running towards is the trading block to see what he can get for any of his guys. On the flip side, you have the team that came so close last year but couldn’t close the deal – just like their beloved Cardinals against the Red Sox. If you thought the RB group for Reid was bad, just look at the RBs that Todd has: Steven Jackson and Mark Ingram – not exactly a recipe for fantasy dominance on the ground. Both of these teams sold out to win last year – and now they are starting off behind the 8-ball this year. This could be one of the ugliest matchups of week 1 but there has to be a winner, right? I think the difference maker in this game will be the Keepers and defense – DeSean Jackson/Seattle (Footballas) vs. Terrance Williams/NY Jets (ATLiens). If either one performs above their stock – which is highly likely in week 1, then that team will come away with the victory. And with the Jets facing off against the Raiders in week 1, it could be a monster day for them. But ultimately, we believe that the Footballas will come away with the W in week 1. The team has just enough good things to pull out the win – but just enough and no more.

WDESPN Prediction: The Footballas

Nashville Ninjas vs. Bring It! (Rivalry): You saw how – in the previous match up – Reid and Todd were suffering from a lack of picks? Meet the team that took most of them, the Nashville Ninjas. The Ninjas were able to stockpile draft picks for this year and came out with a strong team on paper. When you have that many draft picks, it’s imperative that you come away with at least an A draft and that’s exactly what the Ninjas did. Even though they had to steal two of the Outlaws picks in JJ Watt and Luke Kuechly, their team is just full of studs from top to bottom. Starting with the gunslinger Matt Stafford all the way down to the number 3 defense last year, Carolina. This will definitely be a team to reckon with in the first few weeks of the school. So who will reckon with them first? Why that would be that team of PRR and Bring It! They drafted their namesake (Philip Rivers), his number one receiver (Keenan Allen) and PRR’s personal man crush, Jimmy Graham. While one would hope that this would be enough to bring home a victory in week 1 – when you’re going up against someone who is projected to be at least 40 point favorite over you in week 1, you’re going to need more than the Superfly to help bring home the W. The secret weapon for PRR is Zac Stacy – Jonas’ waiver wire find from 2013. If he’s even close to the player he was last year going up against an average Vikings defense, PRR might have a chance. But if he’s just average – and with Clemens as the QB that could be the case – than that will result in an average day for PRR and a loss. For us, in week 1 – we have to go with the Ninjas. But week 1 is full of stories where goliaths such as the Ninjas went down in flames on day 1.

WDESPN Prediction: Nashville Ninjas

Orange Nation vs. Maddog: Kyle was able to capitalize on the Ninjas taking Jamall Charles with the first pick by getting the team that willed the ATLiens to fantasy gold last year, LeSean McCoy. Mighty mouse was just unstoppable in the last few weeks of 2013 and to some, should have been the overall number 1 pick this year. But that’s why we draft – you just never know who’s going to fall to you. With the top player from last year on his team, Kyle went for another ATLiens guy who was a surprise hit last year – Andy Dalton. Basically appears that Maddog is just trying to recreate the 2013 ATLiens squad and see if he can repeat the fantasy magic without having to sell all his top draft picks for 2015. For Maddog, he has two players that will be very interesting to watch – the first is Eric Decker, who went from the penthouse with Peyton Manning to the doghouse with Geno Smith in NY. While he is the number one receiver there, it will be interesting to see how he handles number one receiver coverage. The other position to watch is Kicker – yes, kicker. Maddog dropped Sebastian Janikowski and picked up Alex Henery, who was waived by the Eagles. So the search for another kicker begins – and with a match that will supposedly be tight, every point counts. On the Orange Nation side of the fence, they are rolling with a little bit of Luck at both QB and the RB position. Andrew Luck is their starting QB and this could be the year that he pieces it all together and becomes the top tier QB everyone is expecting him to be. Joel is also rolling with Arian Foster, who could be a stud at RB if he can once again piece together a healthy season – which is sadly asking a lot of the former Vol these days. The X-factor for Joel will be Crabtree – if he can live up to his number 1 receiver pedigree, Joel could be looking at his first respectable season in a long time. The same could be said of Kyle and Percy Harvin – but everyone knows that Harvin is just an injury risk waiting to happen, so it’s a matter of how long will he be available for usage. This is shaping up to be a fairly even battle between these two veteran teams and we’re going to have to give the nod to Maddog. When you have the number 1 running back in fantasy, you should win in week 1. Fantasy fact!

WDESPN Prediction: Maddog

Texasseans vs. TheMistocles (Rivalry): Now this is shaping up to be a good match up – you’ve got the rookie coming in trying to prove something and you’ve got Phil coming in trying to prove that he’s still got it to be a threat to anyone in the league. We’ll first cover the rookie, Maurice and TheMistocles. He’s coming in with the one time number 1 pick, Adrian Peterson which wouldn’t be a bad pick if he had a QB that was competent. But that’s not looking like that will be in place at the start of the year and thus it could be another long year for AP. At the RB2 spot, he’s got the one time fantasy stud Alfred Morris who is great in a traditional league but since he doesn’t catch passes, makes him a bit of stretch in this format. He’ll definitely need TDs in order to be worthwhile for the Mistocles. But the player that could be the hidden gem for Maurice could end up being Jay Cutler. Everyone saw what the QB whisperer known as Marc Trestman did with Josh McCown – imagine what he can do with an entire season of Jay Cutler.  But one of the recipients of Jay Cutler’s potential renaissance is actually standing on the other side of field in the form of Alshon Jeffery who is on Phil’s team. Jeffery was an unqualified stud while McCown was throwing the ball around – but will that love affair continue with Jay back in full control and his bromance with Brandon Marshall in full effect? The x-factor for Phil will be the performance of Toby Gerhart. When he was the backup to AP in Minnesota, he showed flashes of being good but not great – here is his chance to prove the world and his doubters wrong. And what a game to prove them wrong in – is it within the realm of possibility that Toby could score more than Adrian in this game? Totally possible. Will it happen? Probably – since AP is going up against a good defense in St Louis and Toby is going up against the turnstile defense of Philadelphia. For me, the deal breaker comes in the one player that we haven’t mentioned yet who will be going up against his old team – Peyton Manning. In his first game last year, Peyton went off on the Ravens defense to the tune of 7 TDs. Now we don’t expect a repeat of that, but it’s entirely possible he could be involved in a shootout under the lights of Sunday Night Football – and that will bring victory to the pride of the Southland, Phil Owens.

WDESPN Prediction: Texasseans

The Outlaws vs Clark Kent (Rivalry): The future of the Arizona Cardinals vs. the past of the Arizona cardinals – that’s what this match up is all about. Even though he wasn’t able to be present at the Rumble draft, somehow Marques was able to come away with a decent team to start the season. The WR star of his group is Michael Floyd, the number 2 WR in Arizona. He had a slightly better year than Fitzgerald last year but doesn’t yet have the name recognition of Fitz. Mike, on the other hand, does have the future hall of famer, Larry Fitzgerald, and is hoping that his performance on Monday Night football will reestablish him as one of the top tier WRs in the game today. Amazingly enough, for the second year in a row the Outlaws were able to pick up Eddie Lacy and this time pair him with his QB, Aaron Rodgers. Hopefully this will provide enough protection for Rodgers so that he can remain healthy all year and reclaim his dominance that he should have shown last year but was cut off by injury. Mike, on the other hand, is hoping for a resurgence for Tom Terrific. While he has never been terrible, it’s been a while since he had a monster season that really made you stand up and take notice. With Gronk potentially starting in week 1 (anything beyond that is just bonus at this point), Tom could get off to a very hot start against an average Miami defense (While Rodgers has to face off against the stout Seattle defense on Thursday night – two things that don’t mix for a high scoring affair) and put his stamp on the season from the very beginning. While this one could be close throughout the entire weekend – it could all come down to Monday night and finding out which Arizona WR will bring home the bacon under the lights. For our money, give us – Clark Kent. The Outlaws having two players going up against the Seattle defense does not inspire confidence that they will generate enough points to bring home the W.

WDESPN Prediction: Clark Kent

Pain and Suffering vs. Macheteros: This one should be interesting – primarily because while Macheteros is weak  at QB (Foles) and RB (Jennings/Sankey), they are unbelievably strong at WR (D.Thomas, AJ Green and Victor Cruz). That’s a studly lineup of WRs if ever we saw one. On the flip side, Matt’s team is a bit more balanced with a stud WR (Calvin Johnson), stud RB (Matt Forte) and a stud defense (St Louis going against MN). Now the only problem that I forsee for Matt is that he has Cordarelle Patterson going against the St Louis defense. Basically – if Patterson does well, his defense will suffer – but if his defense does well, Patterson will suffer. Doesn’t exactly feel like a recipe for success. What also doesn’t feel like a recipe for success is starting Nick Foles in week 1. Everyone knows the awesome season that he had last year – but one has to wonder if that was real or a fluke. Most people would give him a game to prove it wasn’t a fluke – but Chris isn’t most people. But Foles could be the x-factor for this game – whether good or bad. If he’s good, he could go toe to toe with Brees in week 1. If he’s bad, he could stop this team’s momentum before it ever had a chance to start. Thankfully, he’s going up against the Jacksonville offense and that has the look of a team that’s just ready to make Foles look good. In a bit of an upset, I think that Macheteros will pull out the win in week 1. I don’t know how they do it – but week 1 is all about the craziness that makes fantasy football both awesome and frustrating at the same time. This match up is setting up to have both emotions in full affect.

WDESPN Prediction: Macheteros

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